How to Defend a Regime Change by NATO/GCC and Brand it as a "Syrian Revolution" in 13 Easy Steps

(Thanks to Hiba Syriana )

1. Use peaceful protests as a political cover for armed militants who actively ambushed, attacked and killed security and army personnel, as well as civilians, in cold blood.

2. When such attacks could no longer be ignored (example the massacre of Jisr al Shogour in JUNE 2011), accuse the regime of “executing” its own forces for “refusing to kill peaceful protesters”

3. When counting battles casualties, make sure armed militants are ALL listed as “civilians” with NO mainstream media journalists to challenge such an absurd and bizarre claim!

4. Promote “Rami Abdul Rahman” of the SOHR (who counts the Syrian casualties when he’s not serving customers in his little shop in London) as a “credible and reliable” source whose figures should be quoted by “investigative” Western journalists around the World!!

5. When it becomes impossible to hide the work of armed militant groups (referred to as “peaceful protesters” in MSM) and the huge amounts of weapons smuggled into Syria, you can always grant them legitimacy by setting up a “Free Syria Army” and claiming “most” armed militants are “defectors” in their “thousands”…

6. Grant the terrorists (who have been operating in Syria since December 2011) a political cover by accusing the regime of being behind the suicide bombings which killed many innocent civilians.

7. When Jabhat al Nusra claims responsibility for those terrorist attacks, make sure Syria news coverage stay focused on the “crimes” committed by the Syrian regime- to avoid making a condemnation of any group associated with the “FSA”- if necessary, disassociate links with such groups and list them as terrorist organisations..

8. When crimes against humanity that are committed by the “FSA” can no longer be dismissed or ignored, make sure you mention their “rarity” or blame “extremists” for them while painting a picture of a “moderate and secular FSA” even when it’s impossible to provide evidence for such claim!

9. Boycott ALL calls for national dialogue and reconciliation, blame the violence solely on the Syrian Government and promote this armed struggle for power that is led by the most oppressive and corrupt regimes in the World (and their NATO masters) as a “popular Syrian revolution”.

10. Promote democracy in Syria (and in the ME) as the rule of the “majority sect” rather than the rule of the ELECTORAL majority to guarantee a rooted sectarian divide and a culture of hatred and revenge that can destroy Syria.

11. Subject the Syrian people to violence by funding, arming and training opposition groups and foreign Jihadists and apply economic sanctions against them, then speak in their name by recognising the Doha Coalition as their sole and legitimate representative. Deny them the right to have THEIR say by presenting the removal of President Assad (who is seen by many Syrians as a symbol of secular and Independent Syria) as the magic solution of the Syrian crisis!!

12. Make sure you use the humanitarian suffering of Syrians (especially the refugees) as a justification for supporting a regime change and a foreign military intervention rather than a justification for a peaceful solution.

13. Intimidate, threaten and accuse those who don't approve of the armed struggle against the Government of being “Shabiha”- silencing the Syrian people is the first step the opposition is taking in order to establish the “New Free Syria”.

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