Deconstructing the Syrian War - by Chris Kanthan

Historians in the future may view the Syrian war as the globalists’ Waterloo that heralded a multi-polar world. However, the significance of this war is not widely appreciated, because the mainstream narrative has been an embarrassing mix of propaganda, half-truths and lies.

The Syrian war is harrowing, fascinating and deceptive. The wanton destruction of a nation was heartbreaking. Millions of people lost their homes and became refugees; and a stable, secular nation got engulfed in violent, sectarian conflicts.

The war is also fascinating because it offers profound insights into history, geopolitics, competition over oil/gas pipelines, Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. It is also undoubtedly the most consequential war in decades, and has resulted in tectonic shifts in global alliances.

Finally, the conflict was a ruthless and an illegal proxy war that was sold to the world as a civil war. The conspirators in the proxy war included Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, USA and more. America’s efforts also included the largest CIA operation since the Mujahideen project in the 1980's.

Sadly, journalism failed miserably in the last six years, as corporate media morphed into an Orwellian tool for disinformation.

Syria’s civilization spans 10,000 years, which include triumphant empires and calamitous invasions. It’s likely that Syria will recover from this war, only to be stronger and more prosperous than before.

This book is backed by exhaustive research and analysis. Inside the book, you will find 200 photos, dozens of links to slideshows and videos, and 450 links to articles that will help you truly comprehend the war and the numerous related topics.

By also connecting the dots to various events – historical and current – this book will help the reader see the bigger picture and discern the patterns in global events.

For example, the crises in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Philippines and even Myanmar all have the same underpinning geopolitical playbook. This book also has startling revelations and conclusions about geopolitics and ISIS that will help the reader understand world affairs through a unique prism.

To know the Syrian war, is to know how the world works!

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