Media Distortion of Events in Syria

A brilliant comment on an article titled "For Rebels, a Treacherous Road to Damascus" and published by the Daily Beast (the link is below)

Arabi Souri:

" I'm sorry but it's kind of getting funnier, despite the terrible losses, each time I read a western perspective in a NATO propaganda outlet describing the events in Syria.. And here's why:

1. Embattled can be someone like Angela Merkel losing seats, Egypt's pharaoh Morsi failing miserably, US foreign policy, but for Assad, that's way unreal as the man drives his own car, traveled across the country and even to the once Al Qaeda stronghold Baba Amr, receives delegations at the presidential palace and led a cabinet meeting just a couple of days ago that included reshaping the ministry of Labor & Social Affairs into 2 separate ministries..

2. Choosing the Opera House wasn't because of its location as implied, it was a message to the radical Wahhabi Al Qaeda (FSA) cavemen who are destroying Syria's heritage wherever they infest, including beheading a statue of Abu Alaa Maari who lived a 1,000 years ago!.. The message is that we have an Opera House and we deliver speeches from it while you are Talibanizing whatever you get your hands on, the Saudi or say the Wahhabi way.

3. Wasn't it like 20 months ago when we started hearing the terms: embattled, days are numbered, killing own people using own people to do so, lost legitimacy et al? Now read this point again: embattled for 20 months, days are numbered for each day in the past 20 months.. note that many of those who said to Assad his days are numbered got their own days finished like Sarkozy, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel on the way..

4. The Syrian Army is the one winning over Al Qaeda Wahhabi Sex Jihadists aka Jabhat Al Nusra aka Freedom Fighters aka Rebels aka FSA (Free Syrian Army actually it's Free FROM Syrians Army). NATO's 'rebels' tactics in hit and die is working very fine, wherever they hit, they die, Darayya in Damascus countryside was supposed to be another stronghold and the Syrian Army went to them before they thought of going into Damascus and finished thousands of them, same goes now to Jobar on the other side of Damascus to the north east.

5. Targeting civilian airports do not give a blow to the image of the Syrian government, it's the other way around, if these 'freedom fighters' were after freedom why they're targeting the country's infrastructure? It's this same reason why the Syrians never supported them in general and why those who were misguided by the media and supported them in the first place are against them big time now.

6. Controlling a remote small military base is not an achievement, Syria is relatively big country and has over 70% of it as a desert, but have the Jihadists controlled any inch of the land to claim their state within? If so, why the Qatari based Coalition, created by Hillary Clinton, don't move to such land and form their government there?

7. If you respect your readers intelligence and minds you wouldn't quote someone like Michael Weiss, a proven Zionist propagandist, living in his own delusional virtual world to comment on the Syrian issue, he's as an analyst or expert on the Syrian issue as much as Lady Gaga is, or could be less knowledgeable.

Sorry if the above points might disappoint those eager to 'democratize' Syria the way Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Mali.. got 'democratized', but reality is painful sometimes especially when you cut your own budgets in your own countries to support a war of attrition and terrorists across the planet, when you have economies failing in Europe like Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and soon France, yet you find these countries donate tens of millions of Euros to 'democratize' Syria, and promote 'free speech' there starting with taking the Syrian based media off air, illegally!.. If the NATO agents are winning on the ground, why would NATO member states take Syrian media off satellites and ban many Syrian news websites? Ask yourselves Sheeple of the west."