The Syrian Nation: 23 million Sophia Scholl* Accounts

February 2, 2013  -  By RENDA DARWICH

These bellows, ( a stone’s throw from Qatar, deputize and impugn the sole founding objective of the (external) self appointed and/or congratulated 'Syrian National Council' whom dialectally translate this proscribed entity to the Arab and Western world under the address 'Al Maglas Al Watani Al Souri'. The exact illegality of Al Maglas Al Watani Al Souri rests upon the classification structures or directive of maladministration and misgovernment now hostile towards the people of Syria. 'Al Maglas Al Watani Al Souri' has shown us to be a new challenge towards internal security of Syrians. 

In truth, the people of Syria are the sole stigma to the 'Al Maglas Al Watani Al Souri' as directives of ‘Al Maglas Al Watani Al Souri’ do not serve the people of Syria but instead a handful of ‘Al Maglas Al Watani Al Souri – friendly’ self seeking opportunistic decision makers who in the process deem to execute favourable or cash box ventures throughout the Middle East. Hitherto, they (Al Maglas Al Watani Al Souri) continue to illumine insincere (intolerable to the people of Syria) placards of acceptance and refuge to both Western and Arab world. 

As a collective, the members of 'Al Maglas Al Watani Al Souri' ( are not so gladly admitted by the people of Syria themselves. Unambiguous, the people of Syria did not elect 'Al Maglas Al Watani Al Souri' into office as their sole representation. Arguably, these self appointed external oppositionist or what the people of Syria confer to be as ‘their enemies’ adapted political and religious theological terminology as like; ‘repression’, ‘tyranny’, ‘authoritarianism’, ‘totalitarianism’ or dictatorship’, ‘absolutism’ or ‘despotism’ ‘Sunni’ and ‘Alawaites’ as an implication to that
  1. ‘The people of Syria do not have free choice in doing so or deprived of harmonious diversity’ 
  2. ‘The people of Syria have no freedom of speech’ or the cyclic explanation of that in terms of religious terminologies; 
  3. ‘Minority rule over a majority populace’. The term ‘Alawaites’ or ‘Sunni’ (an Islamic sect) and ‘Christian’ is now a tailored -made element in relation to the Syrian crisis. 
However, this in itself falls short in front of the secular society in which Syrians enjoy. Little known, the church, temple and mosque do not preside the Syrian people, and there is indeed, a separation between state and church or state and mosque within the Syrian constitution. 

Albeit, and being the subject of much debate, the people of Syria (notwithstanding religion or social class) vex their anger in the squares of Damascus, Aleppo, Latakia, Tartous, Daraa, Homs, Hama, Raqqa and Sweida to show contempt towards such reason as they demand their individual ballot be accounted in response to the theological and biblical accusations. Thus far, those accusations critical towards the Syrian government have been willingly and openly disintegrated by the people of Syria as free verse of “Allah, Souria wa Bashar” alongside national dialogue (debate), reform, and referendum levitates from person to person in the homes, streets and workplace across the Syrian state.

The Qatari based ‘Al Maglas Al Watani Al Souri’ deem to;
  1. To Secure Political Support for the Syrian Revolution 
  2. To Promote National Unity 
  3. To Ensure That There is no Political Vacuum 
  4. To Develop a Roadmap for Democratic Change in Syria and 
  5. To Deliver the Voice of the Syrian Revolution and its Demands to the International. (

The people of Syria have identified the drawbacks of such an entity as they are purposely repressed to conform to the founding of ‘Al Maglas Al Watani Al Souri’. One new reader or outsider would question, how and why? How would the Syrian community evolve or respond to these lethal challenges that interconnect the internal securities of Syria to the external hostilities throughout the Middle Eastern region? How would the Syrian people be repressed by an external entity that is based in Qatar and not in close proximity to the Syrian national? 

Disguised mechanisms or lethal societal elements have been interjected under the guise of the five friendly objectives that lie under the title of ‘Al Maglas Al Watani Al Souri’. 
In short: Internal security on Syrian ground
  • The funnelling of weaponry into Syria
  • The transportation of terrorist across the Syrian borders and into Syria.
  • As well, Bankrolling and financing terrorists in the process. 
  • Training terrorists in neighbouring countries such as, Turkey and Lebanon before entry in to remote Syrian communities such Idleb and Daraa, as they are in close proximity to foreign borders. 
  • The establishment of the different terror sub-groups which categorically fall under the terrorist organisation Al-Qaeda. Subgroups include; ‘Jabhat- Al Nasrah’ and the ‘Free Syrian Army’. Suicide bombers have been extremely active throughout Syria since 23rd December 2011.
  • Destruction of infrastructure and public amenities (hospitals, water plants and electricity plants). 
  • Assassination of political and apolitical Syrian intellectuals (journalists, sports players, television celebrities, medical practitioners...) 
  • Incitement of sectarianism through massacres and slaughter, the Al Houla massacre is a precise case and, in dispute until today. 
  • Ethnic (religious) cleansing of minority communities – Alawaites (sect of Islam) and Christians.
  • Co-ordinative fabrications- involving news coverage and social media as like Al Jazeera. 
  • Deliberate and false accusations towards the Syrian Government forces and personals. 
  • De-facto relationships with Islamic extremist group (involvement) in the process. Fatwa’s by radical extremist Sheiks; Sheik Yaryour and Qaradawi an example, as these fanatics advise Sunni Syrians to mince Alawaite Syrians. 
  • Misrepresentation of a Syrian civil war. 
In response to the Syrian outrage (crisis): President Al Asad or the Syrian Government welcomed open dialogue and free speech to all Syrian notwithstanding sect and Social class; 
In Short: (on the ground),
  • New constitution through open referendum were established 
  • Implementation of a democratic reform agenda. 
  • Salvaging Syrian citizens from foreign backed terrorists. 
  • Checkpoints and monitors on the grounds of Syria in response to terror activity. 
  • Active combat in face of armed gangs and foreign backed mercenaries. 
The threat of terror has been planted into the Syrian way of life and this alone, as was attempted to, would cogently curve or sway public opinion of the Syrian people. Remarkably, this did not appear to be. The Syrian people today, are much more defiant as these horrific agenda’s as it shown us the ‘Al Maglas Al Watani Al Souri’ school of thought is quite different to that of the current Government of Syria. The five objectives under ‘Al Maglas Al Watani Al Souri’ proposal only appear colourful on paper but in its place have washed away the colour and brought about bloodshed to the Damascus Street and throughout the entire country.

An expansion of the five objectives under the ‘Al Maglas Al Watani Al Souri’ proposal follows through


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