MSM are blaming the Syrian govt for the Damascus University massacre

Amal Saad-Ghorayeb:

"So now the opposition and MSM are blaming the Syrian govt for the Damascus University massacre.

Reports like this just make me want to face palm myself until I turn blue. So apparently, this entire war has been one big false flag op launched by the Syrian govt. When massacres are committed in Alawite areas, they are committed by the regime to discredit the rebels. When pro-regime figures like Sheikh al-Bouti are assassinated, the culprit is always the regime, which is trying to incriminate the rebels. When universities in government strongholds are shelled, (first Aleppo and now Damascus) it is clearly the work of the regime which is desperately trying to turn the population against the rebels, because it is only logical to assume that the terrorists and thugs are popular in government strongholds like Damascus and areas in Aleppo. The regime is forced to adopt the false flag op as its main modus operandi, a la Mossad and the CIA, because the rebels have been so peaceful and popular among the Syrian people that atrocities must be created to tarnish their otherwise unsullied reputations. And if it was the rebels, then it was surely a “misfire” because all their terrorists attacks and executions which they proudly brandish before the cameras are mere accidents.

Of course this begs the question: if all casualties in Syrian government strongholds were killed by the regime itself, and all regime supporters were assassinated and massacred by the regime, and every atrocity against the regime’s supporters has been a false flag op, then who exactly have the rebels been fighting? It seems the Syrian government has been at war with itself this whole time."

Adnan Khalil Some people make the rebels sound like they're some type of placard carriers. And what do you expect? They even say the regime murdered Shaykh al-Buti

Abbas Bazzi They're hunting pheasants.

Cyrus Damasceno Using their brilliant logic, i can only conclude the Syrian state is the revolution's biggest ally. They should embrace it.....

Cyrus Damasceno The rebels only fight with water balloons and supersonic sound waves from their chants of freedom. They are very concerned with keeping the uprising as peaceful as possible...

Abbas Bazzi And they only behead shabi7a. Who are not included in the casualty count, since they are not human.

Sarah Deniz No no Abbas... Even Shabi7ah behead each other so that they can blame the revos... *&&%^%

Abbas Bazzi Yes, all those videos are decoys. They're actually generated by the evil government.

Rachid Absalem Have you seen the oposition foreign terrorist fighting ? It's like a cartoon , the shoot their guns empty without looking around the corner. Shouting Allah ou akbar. What they realy can is killing defensless people. They are the best in IT !

Sarah Deniz I feel so outraged, I read this somewhere I think it helped me to vent a little bit ""Those brain dead terrorist clowns and ALL those who arm, train, sponsor and otherwise support them are evil freaks of nature and a heinous blight against humanity. In the interest of all that is good and decent, real human beings desperately and with the utmost urgency need to find a way to rid the world of these despicable tumours, just as we would eradicate any dangerous virus. If humanity is to survive then it is imperative that they are destroyed with prejudice where ever they are and without regard as to who they are."

Camille Alexandre Otrakji All those videos showing FSA fighters firing mortars INSIDE CITIES are also regime productions

Abbas Bazzi They're actually produced in Israel; since Bashar is secretly allied with Israel.

Cyrus Damasceno Rachid... Allahu Akbar chanting sends a wireless signal in a form of a soundwave triggering the homing function of the bullets/missiles to follow enemy location.... Do not be fooled. They know exactly who they are fighting and what they are killing.

Abbas Bazzi Sci-fi salafis. lol

Amal Saad-Ghorayeb I love how AP bases its conspiracy theory on the musings of an MA student at Georgeotwn who works for some security institute. I don't see why my Pol Sci students can't also be considered "experts" who can provide expert testimony that the FSA kill their own fighters because thats how they roll....

Abbas Bazzi I think we need to come to grips with the realization that this is a battle between two irreconcilable forces, and that impartiality is not on the agenda.

Rachid Absalem Cyrus , i saw many video footage and my opinion is that they are realy amateurs, clowns to be specific. The west know they can't win from the great Syrian army with some useless shitheads who took a few weeks training. This whole show of distraction is only to let the world see how bad muslim extremist are. Part 2 will be invading countrys like Lybia , egypt, and Syria because they are terrorist states like Afganistan. The last who laugh is israhell.

Cyrus Damasceno I know Rachid... but they are cheap fighters and can impose damage so the west gets to destroy Syria at minimal price. With arab blood and arab money and boosting its arms industry. While we sit down here and slaughter each other on Sunni and Shias......

Abbas Bazzi Don't call them cheap, Cyrus! Hamad Bin Khara resents that remark. He only spends his money on the finest available.

Rachid Absalem I agree with you. That is what drives me mad. Fellow muslims selling and killing eachother for america and Israël. With turkia , Saudi and Qatar as the biggest traitors.

Cyrus Damasceno Abbas,,,,, ur bribing most of them with a promise of an afterlife orgy. How cheaper can it get to hire an assassin.??

Bill Dores Of course the regime, despite having to face a well-supplied foe on many fronts and allegedly losing bases every day, has an endless supply of arms and personnel to spare to attack areas that it controls.

Abbas Bazzi Karma: they will all meet in the same eternal destination, where the disappointed "martyrs" can seek their revenge on "sheikhna."

Zak Alsawaf Karma it is

Basel Mohaisen The level of audacity has reached to a point when the Syrian government will be blamed for a bombardment in Tibet!!

Cyrus Damasceno Legend has it that Hurricane Sandy was the work of the Syrian Mukhabaraat

Zak Alsawaf What the heck, the next Earthquake that hits Turkey will be blamed on the Syrian government.

Abbas Bazzi Bashar nuked Nagasaki and Hiroshima with chemical and biological weapons.