The Arab League

For the Arab world, historical Westphalian repute, has compelled the people ownership to a divine existence of cynicism in their relations to regional Westphalian politics or in great part as the Arab world understands it imperial governance ensuring the people of Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya and to a certain extent Lebanon thunderous "Nasserite" or Pan Arab advocacy. In this context, for International Governmental Organizations [IGO] or for The Arab League participants as such, conciliation in the middle of regional pervasive cynicism and transnational Arab - Western governance transmutes into a struggle in their existence to their national leadership.

With participatory Pan - Arab actors or states, an impeding requisite to Arab -Western transnational directives exists. Inversely proportional to that, due to the international political and economic interests superpowers fear this extendable muscular Pan - Arab hand partaking into regional hegemonic institutions. The Syrian Arab Republic, though the founder of The Arab League and famously renowned, a Pan- Arab actor in resistance to imperial regionalism has-been unlawfully expelled from the Arab League and at present a non – participatory actor. As a substitute The Arab League has yolked in Moaz Al Khatib a politically suitable transnational Arab - Western representative and associate of Syria's National Coalition, who in retrospect in Syria is an affiliate or an associate to the directives of the terror organizations The Free Syrian Army and Jabhet Al Nasra, thus suffering of the people of Syria.

In parenthesis; though illegal, participatory members to The Arab League do not formally recognize and engage in round table discussion of regional affairs to The Syrian Arab Republic. The illegality, stems within the formal representation and participation of the Syrian opposition movement namely Syria's National Coalition.

Rebuked due to their support in terror activity within Syria and unaccounted for by the Government and the people of Syria the so called Syrian National Coalition are only politically endorsed and further financed by the regional Gulf States and Turkey.

This “Arab divide” manifest in political distrust unreliability and unprincipled behaviour has failed The Arab League as “a liberal institutional solution to anarchy”. In line, the unethical and illegal instauration of The Syrian National Council as a geo-political alternative in preference to the official participant The Syrian Arab Republic only pinpoints Western – Arab transnational governance to the inferiority and untrustworthiness of ideals and ethics amongst the participatory members of The Arab League. This inferiority is not only manifest across the Arab world yet as well, reveals the inept directives of the Arab League.

The aspirations of the people of the Syrian Arab Republic have not been granted, The authoritarian “rentier states” like that of Qatar and Saudi Arabia “thus tends to assert its legitimacy” through economic leverage, petro dollars or 'by reference to a constituency that is larger than its own people, Islamic in Saudi Arabia' ... 'technocratic in Dubai'. Inevitably these assertions of 'legitimacy tend to compete and conflict with each other' only a failing Arab League is again and ever again reborn.

The participatory states of the Arab League ‘have been unable to accept that the basis of power in the contemporary world has changed’ seemingly for the Syrian Arab Republic the aspirations of the people, the implementation of a democratic reform agenda not excluding party politics is not accounted for by participatory rentier states however only, all said and done without the electoral participation of their Arab people do they all self – congratulatory lounge at a round table, ‘oil barrels are more important than guns but also money is more important than population size’

by Renda Darwich