Half our family live in Syria

This is an extract from a comment made under a post related to the intention/planning of FUKUS' (France-UK-US) military intervention in Syria :

"Half our family live in Syria. We are always on the phone to them discussing events. We have spent a lot of time there until very recently. You can be assured that whatever you read in the Western media is actually 100% the reverse to the actual facts.

Shocking massacres at the hands of the fanatics armed, equipped, financed by USA/NATO and its associates or through their proxy's are not reported - instead, if they are reported, the blame is not put on the perpetrators but on the government/army who are desperately defending the country from these insurgents backed by the most powerful nations. Imagine what our army would do in the same situation?

Just on August 4 there was the most disgusting massacre in the Latakia countryside by crazed terrorists who believe that if you are not exactly of their extremist, militant, religious conviction then you deserve to be beheaded, have babies cut out of women and hung up on the tree by their umbilical cords. I have the names and the names of the women and kids also kidnapped. But this didn't make the news...just some news that the "Rebels" gained ground in the area and then lost it.

No one cared about these innocent villagers and no one cares about the entire Christian villages wiped out, the priest kidnapped or beheaded, or the call right from day one of these "rebels" "Alawites to be beheaded and Christians deported to Beirut". Any Sunni who doesn't want extremist, stone age Shariah law also is beheaded as are school teachers, post office workers, media, movie stars, engineers, students sitting exams, students celebrating their exams...the list is endless. Of course all the most ancient churches are destroyed and the ancient historical sites and artefacts destroyed...by those our country supports!

Signs are put all over areas the "rebels" have taken control over forbidding women to drive cars and many other rules. A huge area of Aleppo has been "kidnapped" in the attempt to starve the population into submission. Brave city folk who have tried to go out and bring in food have been executed. And the West and NATO are supporting these people! Insane yes? Criminal yes? No one hears about this...but we hear about a "CW" strike that enough evidence will show was from these darling "rebels" prepared to kill people in their area of control for their own gain.

Despite the evidence of who has been behind this "chemical" (whatever it was) attack, the countries determined to bring Syria to its knees were quick to accuse the Syrian government. This is Syria's WMD moment...and why? Just because Syria doesn't play by the rules of the USA - Israel and their associates!"

26 Aug 2013