Americans Syrians & Iranians Victims-All of Israel

By Jim Kirwan | 27-Dec -13

NERO plays-out his twisted fantasies while America burns!

Meanwhile: It’s been revealed that the people in America, Syria and Iran are all suffering from the exact same global-criminal-treatment that’s coming from THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS, Israel & Nero, simultaneously. Today Americans can say for certain that they are no different than the victims inside Syria, Iran, or Palestine.

None of those four nations, Syria, Iran, Palestine or the USA have any rights any longer. That’s true of the USA, murdered by Caligula and buried by NERO. Palestine was murdered by Netanyahu and still not buried despite the best efforts of USI, Israel, and the US Congress. Syria because of open and continuous warfare that is blatantly protected by NATO and the UN from exposure to the global media. Iran meanwhile suffers from the criminal-insanity of Netanyahu, Nero and especially the U.S. Congress—just like every person in the U.S. does today. Here are the current conditions in Iran.

“The economic sanctions have already led to a depreciation of the Iranian currency, the rial, of 75% in relation to the dollar. And have caused enormous damage to the Iranian economy.”

K: Not unlike what has been done by the same evil-forces that have depreciated the American dollar immeasurably, causing “enormous damage” to the American economy. In fact our money has depreciated even more than has the Iranian rial ­ yet we did not react! Still Iran is not allowed to react to this horrific imposition that is being imposed upon them from the outside!

“Rohani is interested in an easing of the sanctions already at the start of the negotiations as a confidence building measure.

A wide range of sanctions were imposed on Iran in recent years by the US President, Congress, the UN Security Council and the European Union. U.S. President Barack Obama is authorized to ease only the sanctions that he himself imposed. But the sanctions that led to the change in Iran’s position were imposed first and foremost by the U.S. Congress, in 2011 legislation. ~ The legislation, which the Obama administration initially opposed, cut Iran off almost completely from the international banking system, forcing Iran to rely on barter deals instead of cash for selling its oil.” (1)

K: This massive and illegal interference in another nations fiscal policies when taken together with the other sanctions, that are crimes in themselves - amount to blatant war-crimes. These crimes were supposedly carried out to punish Iran when no one that passed those sanctions had the authority to act against another sovereign nation.

Those who passed these sanctions have been “punishing” Americans and Syrians now for decades, using the same methods without bothering to call them “sanctions”. Palestine is beyond the pale and has nothing with which to defend itself, much less any way at all to sell anything to anyone just to survive. Ironically ­ the world has failed to see or understand the depth of the criminality that the Congress, Nero and the U.N. have been doing to EVERY AMERICAN, since Poppy, GWH Bush, ran this show!

The “sanctions” that these creatures have levied against every American come in the form of Executive Orders, CZARS and traitors in every office of the government and treason - which has become the new “stamp of approval” for being part of this criminal conspiracy.

Nuclear Weapons in this already Damaged World

Iran just like every other nation has the right to buy the weapons it needs to protect herself. There is nothing whatever "NEW" in this. The nations that are threatening Iran, Syria, Palestine & the people of the USA already have hundreds (sometimes thousands in the case of the U.S.) of undeclared nuclear weapons, many of which they have already used against unarmed civilians, around the world: Why then should Iran be denied the right to maintain the same, by way of self-defense?

Netanyahu, Nero and the Congress of the USI have come together to allow Israel to remain a global-outlaw, when it comes to having and USING nuclear weapons in the course of their everyday activities against the rest of the planet. This fact makes what they now are doing to Iran ludicrous, on the face of their specious words.

Every nation that supposedly has nuclear-weapons is required to sign up with the IAEA, to be monitored and inspected routinely by the agencies that control nuclear armed nations ­ yet none of this has ever applied to Israel! In fact Israel has refused to allow the IAEA to inspect their nuclear program, and they still refuse to tell the world how many weapons they possess—yet for any other nation to do anything remotely approaching the same behavior is somehow massively threatening to the shitty-little-state of Israel?

Given the facts of this one-sided standoff - it stands to reason that any nation who is threatened by the one power-mad war-mongering state which refuses to obey any international or national laws of any other nation, must act accordingly; if that nation is to be able to protect itself from Israel.

Defending oneself against immanent death is not only the right of every individual facing uniformed thugs, like the ones that now routinely invade our homes - but this also applies to nations that are under siege by global-criminal-states, and their criminal death squads which are loyal only to total LAWLESSNESS!

Nero & Netanyahu are not men. They are amateurish children that have not understood the first thing about adult behavior. They are both terrified because the world has WOKEN-UP to what they’ve been doing to the planet for decades. This last version of Netanyahu’s permanent-paranoia is but one example: Neither of these savages can think much less speak to anything that’s going on in this war-weary world.

Americans’ need to begin to “GET-IT”. This Outlaw state has been attacking its own people for the last 13 years—openly. And still the public “listens to them” as if they mattered? Their positions in the fake-government are not real. Their legislation is written by whoever can pay them the most to write it—so the “laws” they write have no meaning or standing in the courts where there is still a Constitution. People need to stop feeding these political-parasites just as we need to stop listening to the war-rhetoric on each and every facet of this country.

What will happen very soon is that when the public finally has had enough of them - then the public will declare WAR upon this government, right down to the last idiot with a government “job”.

If sanity prevails we might confine ourselves to punishing say the top 5,000 criminals. After that we can rearrange our own lives and prosecute the lesser-criminals as needed. We do not have to cave-in to the collapse, unless we allow this to be done to us openly. Here’s something that can make a world of difference in how you and I could come to “deal” with these treasonous traitors.

(Following is Mike Rivero's excellent - and concise - comment today, against "borrowing" from the Federal Reserve banksters, posted on his "What Really" website. Sept. 26, 2013)...

“I think it is time to ask the obvious question. Why is the government borrowing money at interest from a private central bank when the Constitution specifically grants Congress the authority to issue all money, interest-free?

"If our nation can issue a dollar bond, it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good, makes the bill good, also. The difference between the bond and the bill is the bond lets money brokers collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20%, whereas the currency pays nobody but those who contribute directly in some useful way. It is absurd to say that our country can issue $30 million in bonds and not $30 million in currency. Both are promises to pay, but one promise fattens the usurers and the other helps the people." -- Thomas Edison, The New York Times (6 December 1921)

The fact is that the Constitution authorizes Congress to issue and control all money. It is in Article 1, section 8. "The Congress shall have Power ... To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof."

Now when the US was formed, the coinage was the money, as it had intrinsic metal value. The paper notes were mere claim checks for convenience, and were not the money itself. But Congress did have and still has the authority to issue those claim checks, as Kennedy briefly did under Executive Order 11110.

So if Congress KNOWS they have the legal authority to issue interest-free money for the use of the people, then they are INTENTIONALLY plunging We The People into debt-slavery to the bankers by continuing to raise the debt ceiling and borrowing from a private central bank that is simply creating that loaned money out of thin air.

One more point. Since it is the Constitution that granted the money creation authority to Congress, and did not provide for that authority to be delegated, I would argue that only a Constitutional amendment allows that money-creation authority to be transferred to a privately-owned central bank. as such, the Federal Reserve act is unconstitutional and illegal, and all interest debt to that illegal central bank is null and void.

We the people are owed a refund for all interest paid to the Federal Reserve over the last 100 years (and that would REALLY light up the economy)”!

Above all Americans must stop talking to politicians as if they are your friends—most of them are in fact your blood enemies and need to be arrested tried and executed. You and I need to talk to them with the facts in mind and stop speaking to them as if they are part of an American-government, because all of that died when the Supreme Court stole the election of GW Bush on 12-12-2000.

This is NOT your nation any more. This is NOT your government any more. These creatures are here to kill you and steal everything that you once thought was yours. It is way past time for us to begin to treat them the same way they treat us every day.

Let them know that you are an American and since they refuse to be Americans, they need act against this government & Israel, or resign. If they fail to do this then their future plans will no longer belong to them!

1) Netanyahu’s Goal