Atrocities of the West's "moderate allies" in Syria

#Syria: GRAPHIC 18+ West's "moderate allies" in Syria.

Salafi/Wahhabi militants display one of their trophies, the lifeless body of a decapitated child. It is far too disturbing to publish here. Here is the link for photos and video.

Direct Download:!sooAHBwC!BTLiMQ8Dktshd3jZOq9TGDa4oxEDc5N5CRB7jl57TEM

"This is the most horrific thing you would have seen in your life.
I have seen videos of many beheadings this past year. This is the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. I don't understand this. This is beyond evil.

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Wahhabi Cleric brags about slaughtering a child: