A Critique of the Report of the UN Mission to Investigate the Use of Sarin in Damascus - Syria

"I have a PhD in pharmacology, and, to be honest, it doesn't come in handy all that often. But it did this time. For the life of me, as a pharmacologist, I could not understand how anyone could look at those vids flooding out of Syria on Aug 21 and conclude that the victims had been gassed with sarin. Even if one accepted that there was a CW attack, the agent that was used could have been any of a dozen or twenty different possible agents.

Without the perpetrators themselves telling you what agent they used, there was no way to know it was sarin without some pretty serious chemical analyses. How could these insurgents be so certain within a couple of hours of the attack that the agent was sarin unless they had been told by those responsible, where “those responsible” is a PC euphemism for “the colon-scum who killed those kids”?

Think about it. The only people who could have known at 6 am GMT what agent was used 3 hours earlier were the actual colon-scum using the agent.

And given that the people making the videos knew it was sarin, then logic tells us that the people responsible for the attack and the people making the videos were either the same colon-scum or so closely associated as to be co-conspirators, which is to say co-colon-scum.

You can see where I'm going with this line of thought: the hypothesis that the people who were publishing the videos and alerting the world to a “sarin” attack were the same people responsible for the attack.

Thinking back to 8 grade, you may recall how the guy in class who was the first one to point at others around him was inevitably the one who farted. Same principle; it’s universal
. " -- by Dr Denis R. O’Brien
That was an extract from a new expert analysis report which shatters the UN Report on Ghouta. The author is a pharmacologist who obviously has a point of view on the alleged CW events, but focuses a laser-light on some of the most blatant discrepancies and biases in the UN Report.
A must-read -> "Pigeon Poop on the Pump Handle: A Critique of the Report of the UN Mission to Investigate the Use of Sarin in Damascus" by Dr (PhD) Denis R. O’Brien, (October 11, 2013) which can be found here: >