Facebook - WHAT Community Standards?!..

Facebook blocked Hands Off Syria 's  (http://facebook.com/handsoffsyria) admin account  for 12 hours, claiming the post (in the pictures below) violated community standards...

We are not sure how this post could possibly violate the community standards Facebook?!..  The post is a news article. The link to the article is given at the end of the post... So, what is wrong with the post?.. What is wrong with the text or the picture making up the post?..

Here is the link to Facebook's Community Standards...  https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards

So, which one of those standards has this post violated?... Any ideas?.. Anyone can answer?.. Because Facebook never does!.. Someone (some robot?) in Facebook makes this decision, based on, based on.. aerr... NOTHING really, and that is that!.. No right to defend, nothing.. All doors and windows are closed.. That is it, go home everyone, go and stand in the corner for 12 hours.. And if you don't like this decision, do whatever you can about it Mr & Mrs citizens, which would amount to nothing, really because we (FB) got the power and we are the law... We are the decision makers. Making mistake/s?.. No, never!, Facebook never makes mistakes, it is the "god" of the WWW, and it knows the best!.. So if it says you are violating Community Standards, you must be somehow.. Your breathing may as well be a violation of community standards citizens, if we decide it is, then it is, so stop breathing!..

Well.. What kind of bad joke is this Facebook!?..  And how many more jokes like this we have to put up with to use your product!?..

17 - Jan - 2014

This is not the first time. Hands OFF Syria page unfairly targeted and disabled before, as it was detailed in the post below: