Yeap, FACEBOOK did it Again!..

Facebook disabled the admin account of Hands Off Syria  page again for 12 hours yesterday. That was only 24 hours after the previous disablement/suspension which was documented here >

This time our page violated (!) "Community Standards" with this post below. This post was published sometime in March 2013. For some unknown reasons, it was unearthed from the archive - 10 months later.. And it was decided that it was VIOLATING COMMUNITY STANDARDS.. Yeap.. That's right!.. And we deserved another 12 hours suspension penalty...

And the text underneath the image reads: 

"This Syrian "revolution" is covered by western media in a way that makes everything honorable... dealing with Al-Qaeda ... Assassinating a President...

or this... they give you the impression that his FSA father had to use his son as a soldier... had to, nothing wrong with what he did...

Everything that was considered repulsive by western moral standards -- and they are authorities on morality after all -- has suddenly become heroic, thanks to the Syrian crisis. It's amazing how geopolitics can instantly alter the discourse of an entire civilization. Propaganda is as powerful and useful as ever."

It was/is an excellent comment written by C. Otrakji and A. Bazzi, regarding the article by Mail Online.

So Facebook... Where to from here?..

This post is written for documentation purposes - 21/Jan/2014

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