FSA's Daraa Massacre | 42 killed, hundreds injured

23 May 2014

Innocent children killed or critically injured by FSA. Is there any justification to this crime?

42 people killed and more than 205 wounded (inc 14 critically) in Daraa after terrorists fired multiple mortar shells at civilian areas. Many of the victims were young children.

The election campaign tents were packed with supporters of President Bashar Assad when they were hit with mortar shells..

The shelling late Thursday (22 May 2014) marked the first attack on a campaign event ahead of the June 3 vote that President Bashar al-Assad is widely expected to win.

Syrian TV stations showed pictures of President Assad supporters dancing in a campaign tent in Daraa. It then showed people lying dead and wounded on the ground, including several children.

Ahmad Masalma, an "opposition activist" in Daraa, said six such tents — festooned with posters of President Assad and Syrian flags — have been set up in the past week in the city. He criticized the celebratory mood in the tents. "They have loud music and Dabka," he said, referring to a traditional foot-stomping dance. He said it was very provocative and an insult to the blood of "martyrs", referring to the killed armed terrorists.

He said and another "activist" who identified himself by his first name, Ahmad, said rebels from a faction of the Free Syrian Army umbrella group fired a single mortar shell at the tent in a government-held area, after repeatedly warning civilians to stay away. Daraa is divided into a rebel-held and a government-held sector.

He said about 100 people, including members of pro-Assad militias, officers and employees, were in the tent when it was hit in the Matar district.

Masalma said the attack "set the tent ablaze and sent shrapnel flying everywhere."

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the mortar attack and reiterated his opposition to the indiscriminate use of any weapons by any party against civilians.

Daraa's Gov. Khaled al-Hannus described the attack as a "massacre" and "a crime by terrorists meant to prevent Syrians from taking part in the presidential elections." Speaking on Syrian TV, he vowed Syrians will be undeterred and said that every honorable citizen in Daraa will vote for President Assad.

Western backed terrorists (mix and match of many terrorists groups including FSA, Islamic Front, Jabhat al-Nusra, ISIS) trying to overthrow President Assad and the Syrian government frequently fire mortar shells indiscriminately over the civilian population into Syria's major cities, including the Damascus, from "opposition"-held suburbs.

Below are some photos of the innocent victims of this horrific attack:

One of the killed babies in the attack

Innocent children killed or critically injured by FSA. Is there any justification to this crime?

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Syria demands UNHRC condemn Daraa appalling massacre | May 26, 2014

Damascus, (SANA) Foreign and Expatriates Ministry demanded that the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) condemn the appalling massacre that took place in the city of Daraa last Thursday.

Armed terrorist groups launched mortar shells that targeted citizens who gathered to show support to their homeland and condemnation of terrorism.

A total of 39 civilians, including women and children, were killed and another 205 wounded, including 14 in critical condition.

"[The Massacre] is part of a chain of premeditated crimes targeting the Syrians and their beliefs with the aim to undermine their civilization and transform Syria into a hub for terrorism and backwardness," the Ministry said in a letter send to the Geneva-based Council.

Shell salvos targeting schools, hospitals, worshipping places and, more recently, civilian gatherings with the aim to kill the largest possible numbers are daily occurrences in Syrian cities, the letter said.

The ministry blamed regional and international countries, namely Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, UK and US for a direct support to terrorists. "These countries have long sought to foster terrorism in Syria, falsely believing that that they might be immune to it. Terrorism has, however, come back to haunt the same countries that have backed it."

Dismayed at the prospect of battle-heartened terrorists coming back, the letters said, the countries that support terrorists scramble to convene conferences to find ways for preventing them returning.

The ministry lamented that some UN officials-particularly the Human Rights High Commissioner-are acting according to agendas set by those same countries, issuing statements and reports in service of their interests.

"They persist in distorting facts and inflaming the anti-Syria campaign," said the letter referring to the countries backing terrorism. "Which is at odds with their duties in objectively and competently defending human rights and encouraging every single positive step, including successive reconciliations in Syrian cities,'' the letter concluded.