For whom does bell toll in Ukraine?

President Petro Poroshenko

Thu Jun 19, 2014  | By Jim W. Dean

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The theater of the absurd continues unabated in Ukraine. The latest act has the chocolate king Western-approved Poroshenko claiming to soon start a unilateral truce. But there is one catch. He wants to keep the Kiev forces with their guns pointed at the breakaway new republics, while demanding they disarm, civilians leave the combat areas, and the army cut off a 2000-mile border with Russia.

Color me suspicious but I think the new president has been told to stall for time, pretend he wants to negotiate while the army builds up for a blitzkrieg strike at the right time. So we checked with our on the ground sources, and we find that the armament plants under Kiev's control are working full steam to get anything that will shoot, finished or refurbished as fast as possible.

We were told the Kharkov Tractor plant is upgrading a large number of tanks, and in Odessa they are quickly repairing previously unserviceable aircraft. This is not something that a bankrupt country can easily do. Outside money, parts and manpower are on the ground contributing to this.

But why? For what is all this needed... a truce? It certainly is not needed to defend against an attack from East Ukraine who has its hands full with defense.

Poroshenko had said right after the election that the retaking of Crimea would be his top priority. It surprised me that he would make such an aggressive statement right off the bat...unless the plan was to continue an eternal conflict with Russia for some reason. Who would benefit from that?

Taking Crimea of course would mean a war with Russia, one that Kiev can certainly not pay for. So who would? And who would pay for all the damage to Ukraine in such a war where the Russian army would chop the Ukrainian army to pieces? Frankly, I don't think the troops would commit suicide at the behest of the Kiev coup-meisters.

We have seen solid signs that the Kiev King is following a jointly-designed Western plan, seeing how the West is paying for it all. The puppet is now playing his roll and following his cue cards. The gas talks have gone nowhere as Kiev has stuck to its creative role of demanding to set the price for the gas it wants to buy with the threat of non-payment of past debts or blocking European shipments for its own use to create more supply and pricing disruption. Again, the EU and the West are up to their eyeballs in backing Kiev's hardball tactics that could never be sustained without their backing.

As expected Russia has cut off its unpaid for the gas pipeline supplies, and Kiev had charged this as political extortion of the EU. We went through this with Poland once before, which seems forgotten now. Moscow has told its European customers that they will push more gas through the other pipelines to make up for any gas pilfering by Kiev. So much for the claim that Russia blackmails its customers. Moscow is taking the diplomatic high road in every instance, while the West takes the low.

The Russians are heavily invested in the East Ukraine industrial sector and a major buyer of its products. If the IMF ever wants to see its Ukraine loans paid back, the bankrupting of a lot of these companies, or Russia resourcing its former Ukraine imports elsewhere due to even a short war would torpedo those loans. So these major risks are being taken because there is something bigger that the West wants that it is willing to take that risk.

The IMF chief said early on that the loan rollovers to Ukraine would have to be “carefully managed”, as a default would not only threatened the EU banking system, but the world's. This statement was ignored by corporate media despite its being such a shocking statement. Who waived them off doing any post analysis of that threat? Is not the collapse of the world banking system a rather important story?

Is Russia being set up as a scapegoat for a possible financial collapse of Europe's banking house of cards? We hear about some mega fraud cases being brought against some large banks for huge sums. But the recovery of those funds would actually help the books. More of this huge fraud money is being hunted now due to the huge recovery reward fees that are paid. And a lot of high level retired Intel people are involved in this, as they have the sources to know how it was done and where the money was stashed.

Is the West trying to take the wind out of the sails of Russia's energy infrastructure by creating major unproductive economic drains on its economy, like war? Our bankster leadership showed us what talent they have by the two trillion whizzed away on the US dumb wars and more from the financial looting at home. I am getting the Western banksters would like Russian to join in with us...being buried under in hopeless debt.

We are in a replay of pre-WWI, where a number of provocations are in play, any one of which could blow up and have consequences worse than anything the airhead manipulators and schemers could have imagined, just like what happened back then.

Veterans Today has been running a series of articles on nuclear proliferation, where top American officials ran a trade in the early outdated US nuclear weapons pits that went to Israel to be re-machined into weapons they needed, especially after the Dimona accident that rendered it useless, producing only low grade material. Some of those weapons were re-marketed and got into the hands of some very nasty people, who have been using them for blackmail.

I mention this because more than a few parties are in a position to do a nuclear false flag attack if they feel there was a desired need to get something they wanted, or to stop something from being done to them. Forget about nuclear launched weapons. The false flag weapons are already disbursed in too many cities to mention, done before the technology to tracking any nukes moving on the surface was not as good as it is now.

This has the Intel community on pins and needles. After 911, aerial sweeps at helicopter level of every square inch of NY City were made with the biggest ping coming from the Israeli embassy there. Since then all incoming diplomatic pouches are scanned for nuclear signatures. The public was of course told nothing of this.

Could Ukraine be the perfect place for such an event? Yulia Tymoshenko said on the phone she would like to nuke all the Russians and East Ukraine, and then do the Russians proper. Did that threat come out of nowhere? As the former president, was she aware of some of these proliferation problems that the public was never told about so as not to scare them?

Our governments had failed miserably to protect us from such a Jericho threat. On the contrary, some were involved in it. And then you see we poured two trillion into the phony al-Qaeda wars, and pushed for a war with Iran based again on a phony nuclear threat, while the real one was never discussed. Who could benefit from that?
Frankly, when I see countries doing really stupid things with huge downside risks and no visible upside, I begin to get very concerned. Corporate media has completely ignored our VT series, nothing really unusual there, but we did get some notice of a different kind.

A national security letter was put on one of the sources. That is not done for make-believe things. So they validated the series by doing that, something they should have thought of beforehand.

So the showdown continues. The East Ukrainian miners marched and pledged today that if Kiev does not stop its military attacks on the region, they will put down their shovels and pick up their guns to defend their homes and families. They view the situation with no confusion.

The idiot Poroshenko actually said, and I am not kidding, that he is waiting a few more days to get the Russian border locked down before declaring a ceasefire. He has about 90% of the 2000 miles of border yet to do... in a few days.

You see why I used the word idiot. You just can't make this stuff up. Poroshenko is just another one of these totally incompetent leaders who do not get where they are by accident. Someone wanted an idiot in the Ukraine presidency, and it looks like they got one. He and his backers are a major threat to international security.