Obama's speech in UN assembly: a scandal!

Christoph Hörstel  -  25 September 2014

The US president and premature Nobel peace prize laureate Barack Obama, threatens to turn into an unguided missile these days.

Shortly after starting an undeclared war on the territory of two nations, Iraq and Syria, against a multiethnic foreign-sponsored terror group named IS, ISIL or ISIS, which the US themselves had inaugurated two years ago, Obama has envisioned a new priority list of dangers for the world:

1. Ebola
2. Russia
... in this order.

The problem is not only, that Obama knows best, who started the aggression in Europe against Russia, misusing Ukraine, staging two coups d'détat within ten years in that mismanaged, downtrodden country - if we just do not look further back to the Balkans and what happened with Kosovo.

The problem is not, that the aggression continues to this day and is now endangering the region by way of misfeeding US-made nuclear material, which provenly does not fit, into Ukrainian nuclear reactors.

The problem is, that the UN general assembly seems to be inclined by a vast majority, to grant the US administration a kind of aftermath indirect approval to this adventurous foreign policy stunt in Iraq and Syria - adding to this unhappy feat by not informing large parts of their populations about the dangerous implications of what Obama's speech hints at:

That the US and yet another coalition of "coerced willing" could use the Middle East precedence to start military trouble in the Crimea: since Russia was named the second biggest danger - and the accusation went through largely undisputed in the general assembly.

The anxious question comes up: What has Obama planned for - or better: against Russia? Answer: nothing good and constructive for the well-being of all involved people.

What makes things even worse: In Germany and France only part of the big corporate and public media reported on Obama's foreign policy "false flag accusation". Many of these mishap citizens do not get to know at all, to what extent the US president is preparing military adventures and spoiling the European community's peaceful and constructive co-existence for them: Spiegel online and Süddeutsche Zeitung failed to mention Obama's verbal attack against Russia this morning at all.
Next question being: Who stops Obama and the US from disturbing Europe's still largely intact peace? Single correct answer: nobody but the target itself: Russia.

All five legs of US aggressive policy-shaping: secret service action, media propaganda, civil organizations/NGOs, military moves and official policy are already moving in the new direction to make Europe and Russia the next big target. The global corporate financial mafia AND the global corporate energy mafia are already gearing up for the struggle for the next multiple nugget on the agenda: Russia.

Third question: Who would then be their cannon fodder, should the true power holders push Obama to proceed? Clearcut answer: the European "allies".
Already now our European economic well-being in trade and energy supply security are being severely challenged.

It is certainly good and helpful, that Russia prepares itself militarily to face the worst. But it would serve the endangered case of peace and co-operation in Europe and elsewhere even better, if Russia could NOW start building stronger civilian and media options for the actual stage BEFORE military logics take over.

And the above-mentioned challenge of the five-legged, smoothly humming machine of US "full spectrum dominance" is still awaiting a multinational answer, not only from BRICS and SCO, but ALBA and OAU as well.

Meanwhile I may softly propose a different, single-point  eorder for the dangers facing this world, in just three letters: U-S-A.

SOURCE | Christoph Hörstel