Grace Kotowski: The truth about SYRIA

I know I will make many people upset, but I believe in truth. I have many Syrian friends as well as Palestinians, and some will refuse to understand my point. I want to write about how I feel about Syria because of my friends, but also because of all the lies surrounding this so called "civil war in Syria", and I am just plainly fed up with all this crap. Just a word from Syria's history. Syria is the meeting point of international lines of communications linking three continents with the old world. Ruins and monuments, the richness of Syria's culture stand witness to different civilizations. The country has suffered many attacks by Egyptians, Hebrews, Persians, Greek, Armenians, Romans, Tartars, Mongols, Turks, and Europeans. But all these conquests were nothing else but passing turbulent incidents, and the land remained in the hands of its real owners. The name Syria covered all the territories extending from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates and from the Taurus to Arabia and Sinai. I will skip some history facts here in order not to bore you. 

In the years to follow annexation of Golan Heights by Israel, the Syrian population was closely united as a result of growing national awareness, that the enemy is at their border. Only united nation can overcome any obstacles. As it happens in many countries, Syria had some traitors among them. Traitors who for money and power will betray own country and own countryman. 

In March of this year Syria will enter the 5th year of this war imposed on them, and the end is not near... as long as world warmongers will call for regime change. As long as they will train "army of insane killers". What is happening in this once beautiful country is heartbreaking, and beyond understanding. I never thought I will live in a world when heinous crimes against Syrians will go on for so long, and most people are deaf and blind! Millions of Syrians refugee suffer from bitter cold as we speak. From lack of basic human needs. From everything. 

Just like in Iraq, where 9 years of US war and occupation ravaged the country, killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Displaced millions and turned them into refugees, and worst of all produced Shia-Sunni sectarian conflict. There will be no peace in Iraq for a long time. There is no peace in Libya. But Syria is a different story. Syria is fighting back! 

French-Anglo-American power has secretly supported Islamist Terrorist, like al-Qaeda across the Middle East and North Africa since many years back in order to dominate and control regional oil resources, defend an expansionist Israel, and to re-draw the map of ME, mostly in pursuit of insane plan to build Greater Israel. Tel Aviv regime has carried out many airstrikes in Syria since this war started, war backed by foreign militancy. By "killers for hire". Jabhat Al-Nusra, Takfiri terrorists, among them Jaish al-Islam, "Islam Army" and al-Ummah Army, which consists of only foreign mercenaries went on rampage that hit Syria with a vengeance. SYRIA - CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION! 

It is well known fact that weapons, foreign fighters, and unlimited money have been sent to Syria mostly through Turkey, where CIA set up secret camps to oversee their operations. It is said publicly that the Americans with the Turks will start training the terrorists in Turkey in spring. But, the Jordanians are doing the same in Northern Jordan. The same is happening in Saudi Arabia, (the world's most oppressive state), same in Doha, Qatar. The French, the British and the Americans are providing the training. Their hands are covered with Syrian blood! 

And why? Why Syria is the battlefield ? There are few reasons. One of them is the richness of religion in Syria. The Sunni Muslims, about 85%, the Kurds who are also Sunnis but they are Indo-European origin. In addition there are several non-Sunni sects; the Alaouites ( a Shiite group) the Druzes (from the Jebel Druze and the borders of Lebanon), and the Ishmaelites (from the region of Hama) The Christian represent an important group of Armenians, catholicos of Antelias. Orthodox Christians, Catholics belonging to the Byzantine and Maronite sects, and a few Protestants. All coexisted peacefully. My favorite place Maaloula the beautiful village hewn out of the rock where people still speak a Syrian dialect called Aramean, the language spoken by Christ. 

The other reason is Israel. Israel is obsessively afraid of Iran, and Iran is close with Syria. Israeli leaders followed for years their high risk strategy of unleashing civil war in Syria, removing Assad, and turning Syria into total mess of armed group that would not interfere with Israeli jets, eventually reaching Iran. Israeli leaders "love to live insanely dangerously", while others in ME are seeking stability and peace, but Israel does not like peace. Not yet! "Nothing risked, nothing gained", as they say. They will do anything for long term gains. Destruction of Syria, elimination of Syrian Arab Army is as we see now, their long term gain for Israel. As in the future it will help them to go after Iran unopposed... Israel controls the Syrian Islamist Rebels. They control the media all over the world and the media are throwing their all state backed campaign to terrorize the public in every country. 

False flag operations are in the making. We are going to see more crap. Syrians are facing enormous struggle against Israeli -American Intervention. They are fighting real terrorism, and paying very high price for being united against terror and for standing firm in support of their President. As for so called Syrian opposition, moderate rebels, and all the primitive foreign killers, I hope SAA will defeat you. You are not Syrians if you take part in this horrible destruction of your country and suffering of Syrians. But you bastards can't see that from your 5 stars hotel rooms, and you don't care, because you are evil! You are in warm places, you drink blood of your countryman and eat their flesh. This place is called Hell, and that is exactly where you belong! 

I see so many beautiful architectural places in Syria turned to ashes. Aleppo founded in the 2nd millennium, almost completely destroyed, Homs, Hama ... I see wounded Libya, stolen art from Iraq, and still on fire... How much longer this savagery is going to last? Palestine is suffering daily barbarity in occupied West Bank. Gaza just last year experienced another genocide, another ethnic cleansing, and the world is silent! The Arab world is silent! It is up to all Arabs to forget their past, putting aside their differences and unite.. Unite to save themselves. There is no other way..

Respect to all brave Syrians fighting for survival of their country!

28 January 2015