Angelina Jolie Wants to Throw Syrian Civilians in Mass Graves

Why is the title of the article so harsh? Because if Angelina was successful at getting the United Nations to grant any kind of “No-Fly-Zone” or “military action” in Syria, the result would be death of millions and millions of Syrians.

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Angelina spoke to the United Nations last week basically pleading for intervention in Syria.

So this article speaks directly to you Angelina, and those who support your speech.

As you opened your speech, you spoke of eleven trips you have made to Syrian “refugee camps” but have you ever even attempted to speak to SyriansLIVING IN SYRIA? Or should we just cast them aside because they believe in their president and look to him and their military to protect them? Maybe a trip to a hospital or school in a government protected area might be your next stop so you can gain a full understanding of Syrians wishes giving you a better understanding of the sovereign nation of Syria.
To use your line. “I wish that some of the Syrians I have met could be here today.” Well, here is a few of the UNARMED SYRIAN CIVILIANS I wish YOU could have met…
I think of the Christians living peacefully in Maloula Syria as they have for generations (the only ones to still speak the ancient language of Christ), gunned down or kidnapped simply because they are Christians. Explain your stance to their families.
I think of the innocent unarmed dragged from the trunk of a car and shot nearly 100 times by multiple Al Farouk Brigade men while his hands were bound behind his back. Or the unarmed men hunted and gunned down while while walking on the street. Explain your stance to their families.
I think of the man who was walking home to his family, unarmed, and gunned down by your “Free Syrian Army,” just for the hell of it. How about your “moderate opposition” driving around shooting teenagers in cars, just for the hell of it. Explain your stance to their families.
I think of the innocent families drug from their homes and slaughtered in the streets because they supported their president, and not the “western supported FSA.” Or the postal workers thrown from buildings because they worked for the government. Explain your stance to their families.
I think of the innocent man tossed from his house window and the dead innocent civilians tossed from a bridge into the river Queiq by your rebels because they supported their president. Explain your stance to their families.
Maybe you would like to hear the words of a “Free Syrian Army” supporter who smiled and bragged because while attending college he shot 2 Christians, 1 Druze, 1Shiite and 1 Alawite. He wishes he could have taken out more. Notice the head scarf of the “Free Syrian Army” sitting next to him smiling. Also note that this college student was disowned by his family for his actions.
You see Angelina, There are 2 sides to your coin. The world is well aware of the identifications of your Free Syrian Army, and we are also aware that you supported them the same as you supported Americas agenda in Libya. But look what you supported against a people. A living nightmare of hell for everyone involved in the so called “Arab Spring.” How do you see Libya today Angelina? Was that “revolution” successful? Do Libyans have democracy? Or do you dare go there?
“Syrians” are not calling for a free Syria, the government of America is and they allow Saudi to finance it because as Americas bitch in the Middle East its easy. Remembering Saudi hates any religion besides the twisted Wahhabi. Syrians were MORE “free” than say your counterpart ally Saudi who has sent many of their own into Syria as mercenaries. How many Christians are free to practice Christianity in Saudi?
Syrians are a proud people who support their president. In fact Syrians, and civilians from around the world support Bashar al-Assad. Many of us do NOTbuy into the lies main stream media have tried to shove down our throats. By the way Angelina, you must have missed the memo from the UN’s Carla del Ponte which stated after investigations were done it was determined that the “rebels” used Sarin gas in Syria. Oops, you must have missed that one.
Many of the refugees Angelina spoke with in “refugee camps” are the families of the (Muslim Brotherhood in America backed), “Free Syrian Army” AKA “Daesh” who wish to start their own form of Saudi backed government in Syria, free country included. Angelina thinks the numbers of refugees in camps represent the millions of Syrians still inside the war zone she so supports.
Angelina, you said, “Nearly four million Syrian refugees are victims of a conflict they have no part in.” Well, there are at minimum 15 million MORESyrians living inside Syria who have voices, and how dare you claim to know what they think when you havent stepped one foot up to speak with them! Do you think THEY asked for a proxy war against their people? I dont think so! The United Nations is STILL THEIR UNITED NATIONS ALSO!
world support 1000
People around the world support Syria and president Bashar al-Assad.
So Angelina, if you want to speak for those who have no voice in a war torn country, then perhaps you may ask your own government and its allies to stop aiding and abetting murderous criminals in Syria slaughtering defenseless civilians. Maybe confronting Saudi and asking them to stop sending the shit left over from their prisons to Syria. Maybe you could ask them to stop auctioning off their own sons to become suicide bombers in Syria while youre at it. And if Turkey is bitching about some refugees in their country, perhaps you could remind them to stop allowing mercenaries to cross their borders openly! Because paying for refugees is the LEAST Turkey could do!
With all the baggage you carry around Angelina, you are in NO position to even pretend to know what Syrians want so do yourself a favor, and don't. Keep your damn hands off Syria!