Syria - Setting the record straight

I am not sure who the originator of this is, but for those who still dont know about the situation in Syria, here is a run down with some attached sources!
The below is a response to someone that was questioning Assad's loyalty and Syrians' support for Assad. I wasn't sure if i should share here, as most here understand the facts, but after some back and forth i decided to share.
*Setting the record straight*
Let's consider the back story. You understand this war in Syria is completely engineered from outside Syria and aimed at taking down Syria, or specifically Assad for disobeying a direct order, one provided by Washington in 2003 and another by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and friends in 2009; the order- stand down and do not oppose our proposal for a gas pipeline and reconfiguring the ME lines. Assad did not agree to this, rightfully so. If you're not aware please see 2003 Syria visit by west and 2007 and 2009 visit by Qatar and friends.
Next, let's consider economics: I'm assuming you're aware that there are less than 7 countries remaining, globally, that do not have a central bank directly overseen by the IMF and friends, Syria is one of them, so is Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and others. Do you see the pattern? If you are not aware please reference the IMF history and Libyan "freedom" status-post Gaddafi's proposal for a socioeconomic and politically unification of African states-make sure to reference the golden dinar. Not to spoil the adventure but the IMF now controls the Libyan central bank.
Let's move on to geography and culture. Syria is home to the most diverse culture/religion sectors in the region. Why is this important? Tolerance and unity hinders division and segregation; these two are "needed" in the middle east. Why? Please reference the greater Israel project including its associated geography.
Now, let's get back Assad and this quote "freedom and democracy" movement. First, with regard to the "FSA", there ex-representative, head of "SNC", recently admitted that the "FSA" served the interests of international backers, namely gulf and western states. Moreover, admitted that Assad and his government are the real ousters of terrorist and are the ones trying to help Syrian citizens. Okay, let's get to your point- Assad is an evil guy. Since you indicated that you followed the Syrian crisis since it's very beginning then surely you are aware of the proposals and actions from Assad, including but not limited to changing his cabinet to be more inclusive of other religious sectors and persons of different views and representation, also freeing hundreds of incarcerated people. Let's stop here and consider just those two actions alone. Have you ever heard of the west, Europe or any government that supposedly is democratic do this? In the US, we have the same two ruling elitist parties whom differ in only small issues, such as supporting this business or that business, but have the same globalist views. The recent midterm elections show how people are frustrated with this recurring practice of repeating the same failed policy yet expecting different results-believe Einstein defined that as insanity. Right now the US wants Edward Snowden to be rotting in a jail. Why? For spilling the beans on illegal government practices. Did you also know that, in the US at least, you need a permit from the government to protest against the government (beyond a double digit number requires a permit).
That said, please tell me, how evil is Assad compared to his judges?
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