Syria and Khan al-Assal Massacre: A forerunner to False Chemical Flag in Khan Sheikhoun against Syria

 APRIL 13, 2017 

In Khan al-Assal over 150 people were brutally murdered by al-Qaeda affiliates and remnants of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in 2013. Yet, the significance of Khan al-Assal applies to the chemical issue, whereby the Syrian government is adamant that terrorists were responsible for a past attack – just like recent intrigues in Khan Sheikhoun in 2017. Hence, when viewing the methodology of the massacre, then something doesn’t meet the eye because it appears to have been done based on other motives. This notably applies to covert operatives from sinister shadows. In other words, this bears all the hallmarks of the recent bombing of Syria in 2017 by President Donald Trump because something is afoot. Therefore, all roads to Khan al-Assal in 2013 and Khan Sheikhoun in 2017 point to the enemies of Damascus in relation to events involving chemicals.

Khan al-Assal massacre in 2013 and Chemical False Flag related to 2017

Officially, the terrorist group called the Ansar al-Khilafa Brigade in 2013 claimed responsibility but the behaviour of the massacre leads to doubts about the sole responsibility of just terrorist forces. In the past, certain special covert operations have taken place against airfields and to firmly entrench various sectarian terrorist forces in northern Syria. Given the importance of Khan al-Assal in relation to the reported chemical attack and with the Russian Federation providing evidence which firmly pins chemical usage on terrorist forces – then was the massacre aimed at specific individuals and aimed at a cover-up related to this incident?

Khan al-Assal massacre in 2013 and events on the ground then

It was known that the Syrian armed forces were making headway in Homs and in other parts of Syria in this part of 2013. This reality makes the attack against Khan al-Assal appear even more like a covert operation because it is unimportant militarily given the recent setbacks by sectarian forces. While Ansar al-Khilafa claims responsibility for the massacre, and al Nusra played its part, it is doubtful that such an operation is possible without extremely professional individuals being involved. Therefore, the timing of the attack would indicate that covert operatives were involved and hiding in the shadows, whereby terrorist groups held to be accountable became a convenient cover for the many intrigues against Syria. After all, only America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom could gain from this massacre because it can help to literally “bury the truth” about their respective false pretexts, in relation to the chemical issue.

The Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the barbaric massacre by stating that, “The gunmen of the two terrorist groups have perpetrated a brutal crime two days ago in Khan al-Asal which they captured on July 22nd, 2013.”

The ministry further stated, “The fighters of the two extremist groups have committed genocide against the captives of the Syrian officers and soldiers as well as against the pro-government civilians.

Dr. Riad Haddad, the Syrian Ambassador based in Moscow at the time of the massacre in 2013, was in no doubt that the barbaric massacre in Khan al-Assal was aimed at erasing the chemical false flag. He stated to Ria Novosti that “The main goal of this carnage which was committed by Jabhat al-Nusra and Ansar al-Khliafa brigade is killing all witnesses on the use of the chemical weapons use by the armed terrorist groups.

Surely, with infighting at the time between al-Qaeda affiliates and the FSA; internal tensions between various al-Qaeda groups; Nusra and the FSA attacking the Kurds near the border with Turkey and in other areas; alongside setbacks against the Syrian armed forces; then Khan al-Assal makes no strategic sense apart from covering up the crimes of the chemical attack. Also, the nature of the coordination of the attack hints to the involvement of special operatives and a planned attack from much higher.

It must be remembered that while the Syrian government was open to a proper investigation by the United Nations (UN) based on neutral observers; this unnerved many nations within the Gulf and Western terrorist alliance. The terrorist operation – or the joint covert operation – is known to have taken place by some individuals in virtually full disguise and having professional military builds – alongside the vast majority of ordinary members of both terrorist groups that did the massacre itself. It resembles a joint operation whereby the orders were planned by “outside forces” and because of strong motivational factors that lead to a cover up.

RIA Novosti stated, “Over the weekend “it became known about the atrocious killing” of some 150 people by militants from extremist groups Jabhat al-Nusra and Ansar al-Khilafah during an attack on Khan Assal, a town outside the northern city of Aleppo, the ministry said in a statement on its website.

RIA Novosti continued, “Both militant groups, which have conducted joint operations in the past, have claimed credit for taking control of Khan Assal on July 22-23 and killing more than 100 soldiers.

Like usual, the leaders of America, France, Turkey, and the United Kingdom in 2013 all remained mainly silent about this brutal massacre. These four NATO powers also have collectively agreed to allow NATO Turkey to be a conduit for al-Qaeda affiliates and other terrorist forces entering northern Syria via Turkey. Similarly, weapons to al-Qaeda terrorists, sectarian forces, and covert operatives are happening based on the role of NATO Turkey. However, this seems to be bypassing a mainly compliant and propaganda based media.

Carla Del Ponte in this period headed an independent commission of inquiry in relation to the possible usage of chemicals for the United Nations. She expressed, “investigators have been in neighbouring countries interviewing victims, doctors and field hospitals and, according to their report of last week which I have seen, there are strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof of the use of sarin gas, from the way the victims were treated… This was use on the part of the opposition, the rebels, not by the government authorities.

In another article by Modern Tokyo Times about the chemical false flag it was stated that “It appears that the axis-of-evil against Syria will tolerate beheading people, daily terrorism, religious cleansing, killing journalists, kidnapping Christian bishops, taking UN personnel and making them hostages, killing mainstream Sunni clerics which support the independence of Syria, throwing people from rooftops and destroying Christian churches and Shia mosques. Will political elites in Ankara, Doha, London, Paris, Riyadh and Washington now “ see the light” and acknowledge that their “terrorist and sectarian freedom fighters” are simply barbaric? Or, will the mass media peddle more lies in order to brush the latest news about sarin gas under the carpet; in order to meet the demands of political elites that have various agendas in destabilising and crushing the last major secular Arabic-speaking nation in the Middle East?

It is clear that America, France, Turkey, and the United Kingdom have a lot of blood on their hands because all four nations have supported Qatar and Saudi Arabia in their “unholy and immoral war.” This applies to helping the terrorist, military, and covert ratlines against Syria. The massacre in Khan al-Assal didn’t serve the agenda of al-Qaeda affiliates and the FSA in relationship to the current military situation at the time in Syria. However, the massacre and barbaric atrocity did serve nations with “a false flag agenda” that needed to cover up the chemical angle.

US and bombing of Syria in 2017

Sadly, in 2017 it seems once more that Syria is being accused without any international investigation into an alleged chemical attack that took place recently. After all, with the Syrian armed forces being in better shape now than at any other time since outside nations began to destabilise Syria, then why would the government in Damascus commit such an own goal?

Equally, just like then, it is clear that some images don’t make sense. For example, some images show a little child with her throat cut – yet, with Syria bombing from the sky then how could chemicals kill like this? Similarly, the alleged evidence is tainted by the source being the White Helmets – and other players being involved including Turkey manipulating information for personal gains. This is based on images of the White Helmets being seen firmly within sectarian and Takfiri networks with links to al-Qaeda and other brutal sectarian forces.

Modern Tokyo Times says, “The devastating loss of innocent life in Khan Sheikhoun is truly tragic but sadly it is just a propaganda scoop for the enemies of Syria. Instead, real questions should be asked. For example, why did sectarian terrorists allow children to be in such close proximity to a munitions area known for making weapons?

It should be noted that allies of America – and the intrigues of Obama prior to Trump – have all assisted various sectarian forces and militias that have links to al-Qaeda and other brutal Takfiri groups. Yet, somehow, it is fine for NATO Turkey to be an open conduit for international jihadists. Similarly, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are never held accountable for supporting brutal sectarian forces that follow the mantra of “Alawites to the grave, Christians to Beirut.” Therefore, the usual Gulf and NATO powers – including France and the United Kingdom – are never held accountable for the cleansing of Alawites, Christians, Yazidis (Iraq), and endless terrorist attacks against the Shia.

Events in Khan Sheikhoun in 2017 resemble past brutal intrigues in Khan al-Assal way back in 2013. Likewise, past propaganda videos involve kidnapped Alawite children by several Sunni Takfiri groups, who were killed for propaganda purposes. Alas, once more the mass media and gullible international politicians are open to Gulf and NATO propaganda – with some leaders openly being devious – because of an agenda being set in the corridors of power in America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

In all truth, why would Syria and the Russian Federation seek to provide the enemies of both nations with ample power to isolate them further – and, to enforce the political elites of Moscow to abandon Damascus? After all, it is abundantly clear that the situation is more stable and encouraging for the government of Syria in 2017. Similarly, the timing of the intrigue came shortly after America appeared to be softening against Syria. Hence, two birds were killed with one stone in Khan Sheikhoun – this applies to maintaining the conflict in Syria and boosting more pressure on Assad in order to oust him – and, secondly, the naivety of Trump means that American and Russian relations are in tatters once more.

[by Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker] -  APRIL 13, 2017

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