Key Video: Syria chemical attack: White Helmets collect samples in Khan Sheikyoun 'Sarin' case

Moderate Rebels carrying "sarin" samples

Originally published on 6 July 2017 on Youtube, by user HongPong.

"This is apparently the authentic video (or copy of it) from the Khan Sheikhoun attack which was attributed as SARIN attack by many countries in international community.  re authenticity: Note that Bellingcat post shows a picture with a line of rocks, that does match the line of rocks here.
more pix at a minimum it can be said that re-using the same scoop to collect samples would cross contaminate them as Scott Ritter notes I think this is the video to which Seymour Hersh and Ritter have been referring. You can make your own evaluation. It is apparently a big enough deal that it is almost enough by itself to spark more US intervention in Syria such as airstrikes or perhaps covert activity. So I guess you gotta care about this video whether you want to or not."


Additional Notes by the Blog Editor: Initial reports of the Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack appeared on social media on the morning of Tuesday April 4th 2017.

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