Bashar al-Assad

[ Photo: Syrians display a large poster of Bashar Al Assad at a rally to express support for their president in Damascus, 2011 ]

"In my view, and notably, President Bashar Al Assad has gained more and more honourableness at the heart of [us] individuals both within Syria and far across the transatlantic.

In truth, so much of this love is in effect of being earned but then again not at all commanded.

The saga that revolves around this so shallow but out dated lazy notion of 'regime' or 'gang' or 'loyalty' or 'a Assad sympathizer' and 'power and control' only falls so very short of such articulate attitude of honourableness and courageousness in front of fanaticism's wreaking havoc on the long before safe, secular and peaceful Syrian street.

We could not be more honoured and proud of our President as H.E. safeguards and protect civil society. Indeed, there are those non-terrorist Syrian individuals who wish for much needed reform and understanding in midst of this outrage, however, H.E. has shown Syria and the international that this is may be achieved harmlessly through dialogue on a parliamentary table and not illicitly through imported terror and (mortar shells and grenades) warfare as the armed fanatics have shown us as they too take instruction of their political agenda's to the Syrian street challenging the Syrian forces and unarmed innocent civilians.

If push comes to shove, within Syria, the Syrian citizen is loyal to a safe, secular and peaceful Syria under a honest dedicated but protective (of external hostilities) leadership of President Al Assad.

The above picture only shows a such popular show of hand. "We highly respect and love you and our first lady, Mr President",

We value your honesty and courage in which until today has so narrowly but just safeguarded and held the Syrian state along with its populace together before this swarm of overflowing low-grade lies pouring under this storm cloud.

Truth and honesty will prevail. 23 million Syrians are awaiting peace and harmony alongside Mr. President and as is always said "Every cloud has a silver lining". "

by Renda Darwich