A Message from the Syrian Communist Party

This is a message from the Syrian Communist Party (Unified) to all Communist Parties and Unions around the world. 

Dear Comrades;

The Syrian Communist Party (the Unified) sends you its warmest cordial wishes, wishing that you would have a new year full of victories that serve the case of socialism all over the world;

You know that our country- Syria- has been being exposed for more than twenty months, to a war lunched against it by scores of imperialist states, besides other countries that move round them as satellites.

Their aim is to destroy the Syrian state that stands as an obstacle on the road of those trying to impose the plan of a “greater Middle East”, after breaking down the states in the region and replacing them with small entities fighting one another, to impose absolute domination on the oil and gas resources; to eliminate the Palestinian problem in a way extremely opposite to the interests of the Palestinian people.

These countries manipulated the mistakes and shortcomings of the regime one on hand, and the popular movements opposing these shortcomings. The movements were peaceful at first, later they turned into armed ones, which received support on a wide scale from the alliance that emerged consisting of U.S.A, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Turkey occupied the border exits with Syria, to help weapons being smuggled, the entrance of thousands of mercenaries calling themselves as Jihaddis who built camps for training supporters and allies. Billions of U.S petro dollars were spent for this purpose. The most exciting forms of psychological war were being resorted to making use of the services of about a hundred T.V stations to plant the spirits of sectarianism and ethnic strife between members of the same people, later, the so called jihaddis groups turned to destroying the Syrian economy; they declared a war against the Syrian people using economic embargo and sanctions. Armed Attacks were launched against popular and private properties. Explosive and booby trapped cars were also used.

Electricity generating stations were blown up, wire nets carrying electricity were cut down, oil wells were exploded, tankers, carrying oil were burned up. Thousands of tons of wheels were stolen and smuggled to Turkey. About one thousand factories and workshops in Aleppo were stolen. Machines belonging to these factories were sold in Turkey as accessories at the lowest prices, irrigation projects as well as animal growing centers, were attacked, roads between cities and towns all over Syria were closed; health centers, schools and universities were targeted. Scientists, doctors, officers were targeted, kidnapped and often murdered.

Thousands of soldiers as well as civilians were kidnapped. It was discovered that the armed gangs carried out massacres. The corpses of the victims were thrown down in rivers.

Some victims were beheaded. Others were mutilated. These forms of crimes belong to the middle ages.
Few days ago, murders carried out a series of crimes by means of Cars, especially in Aleppo where 85 university students from Aleppo University were killed and hundreds wounded.

Dear Comrades;
Today Syria is being directly targeted by Turkey through a direct war.

Turkey publically admits it supplies terrorists and criminals, with all the weaponry and weapons the murderers who belong to 29 countries need.

These actions are flagrant violation of the international law which prohibits any country to use its territories to attack its neighbours. We know that Turkey, alone, can never do these things without American, European and Gulf States support. Syria is resisting this aggression and inflecting heavy losses on those gangs. Consequently, criminals as well as terrorists are not able to achieve all their goals. But Syrians are paying heavy price during the resistance.

Syria never believes that the solution of the problem is a military one, rather, it has ever since the birth of the problem called for a peaceful and political solution through a comprehensive national dialogue. In the meantime, the aggressive alliance imposes preconditions for the national dialogue in a way that makes the political solution impossible.

Importantly enough, the Syrian government has declared a new peaceful initiative.
The initiatives, farther, emphasize the need for democratic reforms, a new constitution, besides a new general and national pact which is to be prepared by all forces including the opposition. The pact should insist that  all military operation conducted by the Syrian army, on one hand, and the cessation of the infiltration of mercenaries' to Syria on the other hand. Unfortunately, the initiative has been refused instantly by the armed terrorist groups and those who support it and demand that violence and terrorism continue.

Two days ago, a new development occurred and would possibly change the directions of events in Syria. Of course, what is meant is the sudden Israeli aggression against a Syrian scientific research center near the Syria and Lebanese borders, such an aggression helps unmask the real essence of Israel and its attempts to manipulate the current events in Syria to weaken the Syrian army and open new fronts.

So far the Syrian people have to paid a very heavy price, tens of thousands of innocent civilian have been killed. Today Syria is exposed to a human catastrophe.

About three millions Syrian citizens have fled their houses and become internally displaced refugees in neighbouring countries living in unbelievably miserable conditions needing food and medicine. These refugees appeal to the international public opinion to pressure the governments of U.S.A, Europe, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to put an end to the siege and economic sanctions imposed on Syria. Besides, they demand that support to armed gangs cease instantly, because it threatens not Syria alone but a great number of places in the world.

Dear comrades; Your solidarity and support to our people will be highly appreciated by our people in these days. Moreover, it will represent another proof indicating the unity and solidarity of revolutionary powers all over the world.

Damascus: 9/2/2013
The Syrian Communist Party the Unified