FBI and false flag war against America

A recent book has exposed the FBI as the world’s largest terrorist recruiting organization. However, evidence indicates that, not only is the majority of terrorism, “false flag,” but that creating and curing the “disease of terrorism,” has become one of the biggest rackets in the world.

The Case against the FBI 

Trevor Aaronson’s exhaustive investigative work on the FBI role in creating terrorism, The Terror Factory has exposed, not just manufactured “false flag terror,” but opens the door to investigation of many other organizations as well, some operating around the world. 

Inside the US, as Aaronson notes, the FBI spends $3.3 billion per year running at minimum, 15,000 informants. 

According to Aaronson, however, the FBI’s “counter-terrorist informant” total may exceed 45,000, most not “on the books,” and unaccountable. Many are, in fact criminals, cooperating with authorities to avoid prison or to be allowed to continue their criminal enterprises, some unfettered by law enforcement, many in full partnership. 

Some are informants but many are recruiters, tasked with infiltrating Islamic organizations, Mosques, and Islamic communities across America. 

Typically their targets are the mentally ill, often diagnosed schizophrenics, people unable to distinguish reality from the dream world. 

Others are feeble minded, homeless, those easily influenced. 

As Aaronson describes in his book, informants actually recruit terror cells, taking on the role of “cell commander.” They organize and train, supply funds and equipment, preach radical philosophies and bizarre interpretations of Islam and, eventually, choose targets, supply bombs and weapons and arrange for dramatic terrorist arrests, carefully staged for the evening news. 

There have been, as of 2011, over 500 of such cases across the United States. 

Aaronson describes the FBI’s methodology in a 2011 Mother Jones article: 

“Here’s how it works: Informants report to their handlers on people who have, say, made statements sympathizing with terrorists. Those names are then cross-referenced with existing intelligence data, such as immigration and criminal records. FBI agents may then assign an undercover operative to approach the target by posing as a radical. Sometimes the operative will propose a plot, provide explosives, even lead the target in a fake oath to Al Qaeda. Once enough incriminating information has been gathered, there’s an arrest-and a press conference announcing another foiled plot. 

If this sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because such sting operations are a fixture in the headlines. Remember the Washington Metro bombing plot? The New York subway plot? The guys who planned to blow up the Sears Tower? The teenager seeking to bomb a Portland Christmas tree lighting? Each of those plots, and dozens more across the nation, was led by an FBI asset.” 

Since 9/11, there have been hundreds of arrests of “terrorist suspects” and 158 prosecutions. Of all the reported “major terror plots,” only three can’t be directly tied to terror suspects who were directly recruited, trained and supplied by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

Truth is, we also have questions about the other three. 

In one recent case, a Mosque reported a terrorist recruiter to the FBI. The recruiter was FBI. 

As for the army of informants, most are paid up to $100,000 either “per head” or “per case,” for the terrorists they themselves recruited, too often those profiled as unable to care for themselves, much less hatch complex paramilitary operations. 

Thus, we see that COINTELPRO operations, the long discredited program that ran for nearly 50 years organizing church and synagogue burnings, lynchings, bombings and assassinations through infiltration of “radical groups,” often anti-war or civil rights organizations, have not only continued but expanded to the point they are, in fact, the primary function of the FBI.

Then again, the Department of Homeland Security has its own program, even larger, even more funding and far less oversight. Only one of their functions has been scrutinized, Operation Fast and Furious. 

There they supplied thousands of military weapons to criminal groups operating throughout Mexico and the United States. What else might they be doing? 

The US government doesn’t have a monopoly on false flag terrorism. 

ADL, AIPAC and News Corp 

News organizations and “public interest groups” are often fronts for terrorist cells, “black propaganda” operations and espionage organizations. 

All are, in reality, intelligence agencies with the unique capability of being “self funded.” What could be better than to run death squads and terror cells with funding from charitable trusts and hundreds of thousands of duped individual contributors? 

These groups, operating under a number of guises, dozens of “victimization” front groups, think tanks, owning or running most of the world’s media, managing world telecommunications, controlling banking, money laundering, gambling, the film and television industries and allied with the intelligence agencies of Israel, have a far broader agenda than the FBI or DHS. 

Terrorism isn’t just bombs. It is also the pre-staging of the public through game theory warfare, a subset of chaos theory. The public is propagandized and indoctrinated, not just through media, entertainment and news, but through control of education and the internet. 

In addition, any and all groups that represent the “opposition,” are either bought, infiltrated or created as controlled opposition. 

“The best way to control the opposition is to be the opposition.” Vladimir Lenin 

Organizations and individuals that can’t be bought, threatened or controlled are targeted [by] smear campaigns and economic assaults to systematically persecute and destroy and, eventually, murder. 

The numbers subjected to this methodology are in the tens of thousands. “Prisoner X” was one. 

The goals are broader and in each case fall under the “one, two punch” of 1) Control and Destabilization and, 2) Collapse and Balkanization. 

Toward this end, once powerful democracies become surrogate thugs, sending armies across the world to secure oil and minerals, to protect drug and human trafficking operations and to push, literally, hundreds of billions of dollars into bogus military contracts. 

We only have to look at a single week of news, new espionage (phone hacking) arrests in Britain and the outlandish shutdown of the US government by Israel to prevent the nomination of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. 

The Smell of “False Flag” 

An early “pre-9/11” act of terrorism was the Oklahoma City bombing. We are told that Timothy McVeigh, a former “affiliate” of the Michigan Militia and former US Army Ranger was responsible. 

However, we also have reliable information that McVeigh approached the Michigan Militia as an FBI informant. In fact, almost nothing involving the Oklahoma City bombing seems to fit. 

Not only did McVeigh not “act alone,” but we have evidence of active support and assistance from the FBI and direct testimony that ties Mike Harari, Mossad Operations Chief, to the OKC bombing. During his repeated attempts to recruit former Soviet nuclear weapons specialist, Dimitri Khalezov, Harari was very vocal about his roles in Oklahoma City, Bali and other bombings. 

Harari was a high-level operational manager. However, there are other classes of operative, each devastating in their own way. Author Jeff Gates describes the two classes of operatives used: 

“Agents are fully conscious of the intended goal of an operation. Intent is what distinguishes premeditated murder from involuntary manslaughter. Culpability is gauged by the state of mind. Agents operate with what the law calls extreme malice and an “evil mind.” Thus the severity of the sanctions for premeditated capital crimes. 

Assets are people profiled such that - within an acceptable range of probabilities - they can be relied upon to behave consistent with their personality profile. Assets lack the state of mind required for traditional culpability due to their lack of intent. Assets contribute to an operation simply by pursuing their subconscious personal needs. Typically those needs are for recognition, influence, money, sex, drugs or the greatest drug of all: ideology.” 

John Friend writes more on the specifics of how, not just espionage and political influence can cripple a nation like the US, but how false flag terror cells and deaths squads may operate with impunity: 

“First off, it’s important to understand a bit about how intelligence agencies work, specifically the Israeli Mossad, and how their operations are conducted. I would highly recommend Victor Ostrovsky’s book, By Way of Deception, that details the inner workings of the Mossad by a former katsa, or an intelligence officer of the Mossad. 

The role of sayanim, or Jewish volunteer helpers, is vital in most, if not all, Mossad operations, especially in regards to 9/11. Sayanim are Jews living in the diaspora (i.e., not Israel) who are called upon to offer their assistance in order to facilitate a covert operation. These volunteers will not know the nature and details of the covert operation, and may only play a minor role in its prosecution. For instance, a Jew living in New York who owns an apartment block may be asked to house a Mossad operative for a period of time necessary to successfully complete an operation.” 

These operations can and do deeply parallel those of COINTELPRO and the FBI’s more threatening current terror recruiting. 

It isn’t just the US government that recruits terror cells inside the US, that profiles killers from among the mentally ill or arranges for “patsies” to be found at scenes of mass killings, always dull-eyed, drugged, mentally ill or conveniently dead. 

A Marriage Made in Hell 

During the 1980s, a coalition was formed between neo-Nazi, white supremacist, pro-Israel and pro-Zionist groups and Christian evangelists. 

What tied them together was hatred of African Americans, susceptibility to endless propaganda from the Murdoch and Romney media empires and a sado-masochistic attraction to “end times” apocalypse theology.

The ideological and mythological subtext behind all of this is rooted in Freemasonry and the Church of Satan.

The first goal was the takeover of the service academies in the US, West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force academy in Colorado Springs. 

America’s officer corps, all services, became infected with what Gates termed “ideological agents,” each willing to betray “Duty, Honor and Country” on behalf of Israel and in service of their goal, bringing about global destruction through nuclear apocalypse. 

An even more unusual alignment brought America’s right, long time anti-Semites, neo-Nazis and the “sayanim” of Wall Street and the New World Order, into the service of an international cabal of Zionists, financial criminals, drug cartels and elitist fanatics. 

Those who long worshipped hate and conspiracy, who bask in ignorance, many of whom exist only on the fringes of society, “Red State” malcontents, were more than willing to set aside their hatred of Jewry and take on, what to them is a more noble cause, serving the despicable in their efforts to sap the life blood of mankind. 

The internet would be their battleground, stoked on the courage of anonymity, their weapons, pod-casts filled with ranting ad hominem attacks, rambling and incoherent email missives listing dozens of high ranking and disinterested recipients. 

Success would be measured in the effects of entropy, lowered standard of living, destruction of culture, dissolution of traditional social and political institutions and a worship of hate, ignorance and brutality. 


Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic representative for UN humanitarian and economic development efforts. Gordon Duff has traveled to over 80 nations. His articles are published around the world and translated into a number of languages. He is regularly on TV and radio, a popular and sometimes controversial guest. More Press TV articles by Gordon Duff