Syria - an alternative reading list

Most articles in the mainstream media support the simple narrative about Syria.  This narrative is best reflected by Kevin Rudd in his interview on The Drum on 14 January 2013: the Syrian president is a brutal dictator and his regime has killed tens of thousands of innocent people; the international community must take action against him.   
However, with a careful sifting through of the mainstream media, it is possible to build a picture of events in Syria that challenges this line.  

This Reference List presents links which may help people in the media, politics, and the general public to research events in Syria.  Articles from previous years are included since the past has to be known to understand the present.  It is hoped this will help the voices of Syria’s 23 million people to be heard. 

One Syrian voice is a reverend who uploaded onto Youtube “An Open Letter to President Obama from Aleppo”.
Another Syrian Christian voice Mr Rudd might like to listen to is Rev Adib Awad, whose brother has been a political prisoner: 
A recent interview on al-Mayadeen, a Lebanese TV channel, with analyst Aisling Byrne about the media war being waged against Syria is a good beginning  for any serious research into the ‘Arab Spring’ in Syria

And two documentaries which present the perspective of Syrians who do not support the armed opposition are challenging viewing:

Manufacturing Dissent, produced by journalists Lizzie Phelan and Mostafa Afzalzade

The Syrian Diary, directed by Russian reporter Anastasia Popova, presents some of the gruesome nature of the war normally not presented in the media. (18+)
Two European politicians, George Galloway and Nigel Farage, who have recently spoken out in parliament against war might serve as role models for others:

And Belgian MP, Laurent Louis, may be considered a hero by many anti-war activists as he speaks in parliament against neo-colonialism in North Africa and the Middle East:

Those who believe oil is the reason for ME wars may want to follow German analyst Christof Lehmann, who claims in 2013, it is gas: