#Syria: Ex-Al-Qaeda Nabil Naim Tells About FSA + Al-Nusra Fake War for Democracy in SYRIA

This is an important video for those who say:
  • Syria is in "sectarian" war.
  • Fighting with or donating to those fighters in Syria is a duty.
  • US & Co. want democracy, freedom, etc.
  • "KHILAFAH" will be established in Syria.
  • The war on Syria is a revolution.
  • Arab monarchs want to free Syria.
  • Extremist fighters are a minority.

We don't necessarily agree with every point he makes. HOWEVER the points he is making regarding the bullet points mentioned above are of great significance.

WHO is Skeikh Nabil Naiim?

Skeikh Nabil Naiim is considered to be a historical leader of the Islamic Jihadist movement in Egypt, the same group who committed random acts of violence within the country and announced a war against the Egyptian Government conducting bombings, assassinations, and even direct encounters engaging Egyptian police. Sheikh Nabil Naiim is well known for his direct involvement with the assassination of Egyptian president Anwar Al-Sadat, as well as the attempted assassination of the previous president Hosni Mubarak.

He moved from Egypt to Pakistan accompanying Ayman Al-Zawahiri, and there he led the Safwa training camp where the primary Cadres of Al-Quaeda were initiated. There he was introduced to Abdul-Allah Azzam, and Ousama Bin-Laden, and established a close friendship with them.

He then moved to Sudan along with Zawahiri. There he was officially recognized as an Al-Qaeda member when Zawahiri joined them himself. He was then apprehended by the Egyptian authorities in 1994 during his attempt to enter Egypt. There he was engaged in a firefight with the authorities outside Cairo's airport where he sustained a heavy injury to the head. After his treatment, he was tortured and imprisoned in isolation for 10 years.

He wasn't released until Mubarak's regime had fallen. Upon his release he was joined by about 2000 of his loyalists who owed him great believe and respect to his ideology. After contemplating what he used to believe in he adopted rather modest and reasonable principles and abandoned his violence and Takfeer mindset except against Israel.
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