Nov 29, 2013

Unprecedented scenes of appalling crimes and feelings of agonizing pain remain haunting those who managed to survive the brutality of the takfiri terrorists in Homs, having left their home areas full of panic and grief.

SANA interviewed some of the residents of Homs neighborhoods who witnessed barbaric massacres being inflicted upon their family members and neighbors and still have their hearts shaking with fear.

"I and my family ran away leaving behind everything we have because we just wanted to live and went to Aleppo to stay at our sister's," said the 23 year old Bassem from Bab al-Sbaa' neighborhood. He added that his family had to flee once again, but this time was to Damascus, after his father was martyred after being hit by a shell launched by terrorists that fell in the neighborhood where they lived in Aleppo.

Bassem's father was only the first member of his family to fall victim to the terrorists' attacks. Once in Jaramana city in Damascus, staying at their relatives', they felt they were chased by the terrorists' shells as one day a shell smashed into their house, killing his mother and sister and her child.

"Being left with nobody dear to fear for, I decided to return to my house in Homs," said Bassem defiantly but with a pang of sadness, noting that his house has been partly demolished in the terrorist attacks.

Not very far from Bab al-Sbaa' and exactly in al-Hamidiyeh neighborhood, Issa was forced to take his family out and headed towards his al-Wad'eh village in Sadad fleeing the acts of murder and looting inflicted by the terrorist groups.

Having got accustomed with life in their village after one and a half year of calm, Issa's family was not left in peace. Issa related how the roof of their house fell on their heads after being hit with a terrorists' shell, killing his mother, father and sister.

"It was awful. I will never forget the pain and sorrow I felt at the terrorists' hands," said Issa.

"Yet, I will defy the terrorists and won't leave my homeland, and I'm ready to join our brave army members," he added with pride.

Zainab from al-Naziheen neighborhood is another living witness of death inflicted by terrorism. After she lost her husband who was martyred while defending the homeland within the army ranks, Zainab was forced to flee her house under the terrorists' threats and went to her brother's in al-Waer neighborhood hoping to keep her orphaned baby safe.

The hostilities of the terrorists however reached al-Waer and that was when Zainab moved to her village in eastern Homs without knowing that death was looming. But this time it was her baby.

"A bullet penetrated his tender body while I was running to seek a refuge when the terrorists stormed into the village," said Zainab choking with grief.

The cold-blooded crimes of terrorists also made the 20 year old Suheir and her family pay the price for their love for their homeland. After having lived in tranquility in Wadi al-Saeh neighborhood for a long time, suddenly life was turned upside down for Suheir and her family.

"They killed my father and brother in cold blood only because they refused to join the terrorists and leave our place," said Suheir.

"I didn't expect our love for our homeland would get us killed and displaced," she added.

"What counts is that I'm still in Syria," said Abo Rashid from Jubb al-Jandali neighborhood who lost three of his children and had his house demolished and is now staying at a makeshift residential center in Homs after moving between Aleppo, Damascus Countryside and Raqqa.