An Open Letter To the so called 'Syrian Opposition'

An Open Letter To the so called 'Syrian Opposition'

We, the Syrians kindly request upon your delegates to not convene your address on our behalf at the Geneva II. 

We, the Syrians, reject your unjust statements. 

We, the Syrians, refute and condemn your terror activity across the Syrian state and including the neighbouring countries.

We, the Syrians, are ashamed by your opening speech at Geneva II since you have applied our suffering as a tool to forward an unjust political transition from a just world to an unjust world in Syria.

The majority, if not all, of the Syrian people reject and do not recognize the betrayal you have blanketed over Syria. Your imagination has not only politically betrayed you but also the Syrian and international community.

We condemn you. We do not recognize you and we request you to stop using the Syrian people as tools on furthering your imaginary new or unjust transition within Syrian politics.

We recognize and support the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad as our leader. Halt the terror activity on our fellow citizens, in your (many) attempts in changing our viewpoints. Your funding of and terror activity has branded you as a unfaithful party since your behaviour, political servitude and betrayal have won the support of a handful in the international community but you have failed with shame to win the support and faith of the people of Syria" 

~R. Darwich

[Photo: Hundreds of Syrians demonstrated in Montreux near Syria conference's hall, chanting slogans in support of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. The demonstrators carrying the real Syrian flags also denounced the terrorist crimes that are being committed by the militants in Syria.]