Al Jazeera Picks Up Hotel Tab for Muslim Brotherhood Leader

I don’t know why Qatar couldn’t just directly pay for the rooms instead of routing it through Al Jazeera, which is its toy anyway. All this does is further delegitimize Al Jazeera as a media outlet and the Muslim Brotherhood as a Qatari puppet.

Following the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood-backed President Mohamed Morsi in July, many of the Islamist organization’s high ranking officials fled to Qatar, where they are now being hosted by Al Jazeera, according to the Washington Post.
Several of the [Brotherhood’s] exiles are living temporarily in hotel suites paid for by Qatar’s state-run Arabic satellite network Al Jazeera—and it is in those suites and hotel lobbies that the future of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and, more broadly, the strategy and ideology of political Islam in the country may well be charted,” the Post reported Wednesday.
Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera America officials have kept quiet following the report, declining to respond to multiple requests for comment from the Washington Free Beacon. 
“It’s a channel dedicated to the Muslim Brotherhood,” said terrorism expert and Foundation for Defense of Democracies scholar Khairi Abaza. “They fund the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s their anchor. So this is natural.”

Yes it is. It’s just not subtle. But Qatar is apparently doubling down.