The Key Role of Islamic Countries’ Leaders, NGOs in the War on Syria - Some questions to ponder on...

1 April 2014

Abu Muslim and Abu Turab, two veteran Chechen terrorists who took refuge in Istanbul after the second Chechen war. These two lovely chaps are leading the ‘Syrian’ opposition advance into the Syrian coast. And by opposition I mean Jabhat Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda) and Ahrar Al-Sham (Salafi Jihadist, Al-Qaeda ally). This advance was supported with artillery fire from from the Turkish army (NATO member).. This is just one example of thousands of similar cases in Syria.

So, here are some questions to ponder on:

They are in Syria for an Islamic State. So, let's ask: Have they formed an Islamic State in their OWN COUNTRY?

What is the religion of these human-faced brutals? What does legalize for those inhumans to rape Syrian Girls just because they support the Syrian Government? Can this be an excuse to kill or rape? What do those brutal terrorists know about Islam and/or Christianity apart from takbeer-ing while beheading, and killing innocents?..

What about the terrorists who come from Saudi Arabia?
Have those terrorists toppled down their dictator who has never been chosen even by ONE vote of people? Have those mujahids established an Islamic State in their OWN country in which people are starving?

How about the islamists from Tunisia?
Also, have those fixed their country? Have they ended the chaos? Have they answered the need of their own People?… 

And Egypt?
Have those Egyptians succeeded in their own movements? Were they able to meet the needs of hundred of thousand poors who have no place but burial place to live, to sleep…? Have they achieved their goals for a bright future? The answer is clear.

And many many other countries like Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Turkey, Africa, Western Countries…
Are those savage monster at war against Syria for what? They are serving whom?

It has been 3 years since they started the war on Syria and there are still flow of terrorists to the country, and those terrorists still have weapons, arms, ammos, food, medical care… for their very dirty war. How can it be possible? 

The key issue is with the suppliers of those elements. Those terrorists in Syria are not the ones who maintain the war on Syria;  it is the ONES who supply those arms to them.

The main question that must be answered is that: Who are those powers who send these brutals to Syria under the name of Jihad. What is the key role of Islamist Organizations, Islamist colour NGOs, those Islamist Leaders who support terrorists by all means and support an Islamist State in Syria.

Supposedly those Islamists in Syria are against Syria because there is adultery(?) in Syria. How about adultery in their own countries? There is adultery in their own countries if they want to fight it.. Why come to Syria?

Supposedly, those Islamists are against Syria because Syria is not an Islamic State. Their own countries also are NOT!.. Why not stay and fight their for an Islamic State?..

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