Al-Jaafari: French draft resolution on Syria reflects its longing to its black colonial history

9 Oct 2016

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari stressed that foiling the Russian draft resolution at the UN Security Council reaffirms the absence of the political will to fight terrorism and reach a political solution to the crisis among those who oppose the resolution in a time when the French resolution reflects France’s longing to its black colonial past and exposes it attempts to undermine the Syrian state.

In a speech at a Security Council session on Saturday, al-Jaafari added that the representatives of the colonial powers lost their minds and they proved that they have bad colonial intentions towards Syria and that their diplomacy is not a diplomacy of dialogue and solving conflicts through peaceful means.

He congratulated Russia for heading the Security Council in the current month in a time when the world is witnessing dangerous and serious challenges due to the wrong policies adopted by some countries including some of the Security Council’s permanent member states which seek to implement agendas that contradict the goals and principles of the UN Charter.

He expressed Syria’s strong condemnation of the coward terrorist attack which targeted the Russian Embassy in Damascus few days ago, expressing regret that the draft resolution proposed by the Russian delegation was not adopted.

The Permanent Representative added that the French draft resolution was very clear in its goals and it reflects the longing of France to its black colonial past as it thought that igniting the so-called “crisis in Syria” will give it a golden chance to restore its colonial influence.

Al-Jaafari indicated that the French representative practiced the policy of trusteeship on the Syrian people in his statement as he still dreams that he represents a colonial power that can steal the right of speaking on behalf of the Syrian people at the Security Council, but the French politicians should feel shame over what they did to Libya and the Libyan people.

He added that the massacre which is taking place in Syria is committed by foreign mercenary terrorists who are implementing agendas of foreign intelligences and they are financed by the Saudi and Qatari regimes and backed by Turkey.

Al-Jaafari said that the terms used by the French draft resolution proved again the hostile intentions of the successive French governments towards Syria which seek to undermine the Syrian state as a whole and not just the government, pointing out that the draft resolution clearly demands stopping the operations launched by the Syrian Arab army against terrorists.

He asserted that whenever the Syrian army and its allies achieve advances in facing the terrorist groups, on top “Jabhat al-Nusra”, some of the Security Council’s well-known member states call for holding sessions or propose draft resolutions to help the terrorists and to protect them from their inevitable fate.

Al-Jaafari added “We wished that the unprecedented frantic efforts exerted by France for adopting the draft resolution which it proposed were like the Russian resolution that comes in the interest of finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria under a Syrian leadership and without any foreign interference.”

He asserted that the United States, France and Britain, since six years, have been organizing false diplomatic and political media campaigns to show that what is happening in Syria is a confrontation between the “armed opposition” which they describe it as ” moderate” and the governmental forces which they accuse it of committing war crimes paying no heed that its policies endangered the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Syria.

Commenting on some allegations of targeting the hospitals, al-Jaafari said that terrorists in eastern Aleppo transformed the most prominent optometry hospital in the Middle East to a base of operations for them.

Al- Jaafari added that it has become unequivocally clear that the programs of support provided by the United States and its allies from the Arab and regional countries to what it called the “moderate opposition” were and still serve Jabhat al-Nusra, ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

He noted that there are 1800 emails deleted from the mail of the former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, some of which were containing details of weapons’ shipments transported from Libya across Turkey to the terrorist armed groups in Syria upon an official decision from the US administration.

Syria’s Representative pointed out that the US Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity has recently disclosed that the Pentagon paid USD 540 million to a British public relations and marketing company called Bell Pottinger to create propagandas hostile to the Syrian government through fabricating YouTube videos, photos and films.

He highlighted that the US formed an alliance outside the framework of the international legitimacy under the pretext of fighting ISIS and the terrorist organizations, but the truths on the ground proved that ISIS, after the establishment of this alliance, expanded its control, affirming that the reason behind this is that the coalition is unserious in fighting terrorism.

Al-Jaafari continued to say that the aircraft of this alliance killed hundreds of Syrian civilians and military personnel and destroyed many economic facilities and the infrastructures as it has provided the terrorist organizations with the weapons to spread more chaos and corruption in the country.

Al-Jaafari added that it has become a need to decode the code of the US-led alliance’s strategy that is based on repetition of mistakes which proves that it is intentional and systematic just like what happened when the alliance aircrafts targeted Syrian military sites in Deir Ezzor threatening the lives of hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians.

He noted that the same states were bold enough to demand safe humanitarian corridors for terrorists, asking these states: Have the US, Britain and France opened safe humanitarian corridors to protect the moderate al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan or those who committed the massacres of Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan theater, Nice, California, Boston, Chicago, New York and London? And why not?

Al-Jaafari stresses the Syrian government’s full cooperation with the UN and its specialized agencies and affiliated organizations to implement the monthly response plan, adding that the practices of the armed terrorist groups and their allies prevent the full implementation of humanitarian response plans.

He referred to the latest of terrorists’ attacks which targeted a humanitarian convoy in Aleppo Countryside on the 19th of September 2016 causing the death of several Syrian civilians, volunteers and SARC workers, noting that the Syrian government has launched an investigation into the attack.

Today’s meeting is to discuss the current deteriorating situation in the eastern areas of Aleppo since the US failed to live up to its commitments and obligations under the cessation of hostilities and the terrorist groups continued to breach the agreement and launch attacks, said al-Jaafari, stating that the terrorist killed 157 Syrian soldiers and 300 civilians in eastern Aleppo.

He stressed Syria’s commitment to combat terrorism in parallel with its efforts to reach a political solution through Syrian-Syrian dialogue to decide the future of the country without any foreign intervention.

In response to New Zealand Permanent Representative to the UN, al-Jaafari said that the Syrian government has submitted 500 letters on the state-sponsored international terrorism, among which 60 letters related to the use of chemical weapons by terrorists in Syria.

“Because we, in Syria, are victims of misinformation and misunderstanding, our role as diplomats is to dispel misinformation rather than to lie to each other,” he concluded.


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