Courage and Moral Integrity to Stand with the Syrian President

Eva Bartlett - 8 Oct 2016

Caveat: this is not in response to any particular person, but in general, an immense fatigue at this attitude, when our Syrian friends are dying as a result of media disinformation and rhetoric.

Dismayed and disgusted that some in their defence of Syria, Syrian sovereignty, and against the war on Syria, feel the need to state explicitly that they are not "pro-Assad".

I realize they think they are nuancing an argument for those who are rabidly anti-Assad. ...or even worse, to be "balanced".


If you have the courage and moral integrity to stand with the Syrian President, and thus the will of the Syrian people, excellent. If not, then please do Syria a favour and stick only to taking an anti-intervention and pro-sovereignty stance. Because, it doesn't matter if you are anti President Assad... unless you are Syrian. If you are not Syrian, your anti is meaningless when it comes to deciding Syria's future. Specifically, if you are not Syrian and choose to judge Syria, the Syrian people's will. Then, even if you are trying to be a friend of Syria, you fail, you are shooting Syrians in their backs.

I support President Assad, but that is besides the point. I have a long list of reasons for which I support and respect President Assad, but those valid reasons aside, more important is the will of the Syrian people, who overwhelmingly do support and respect President Assad, and this is something I've seen throughout Syria on five visits to the country in recent years.

This whole bloody, dirty, war on Syria is not about Syria's leader, we know that by now, in late 2016, if we didn't at least know it a decade earlier when the west imposed criminal sanctions on Syria in an effort to covertly impose their desired puppet government. This did not begin in 2011.

President Assad says it pretty much every time another droning journalist has the honour to interview him: it is not about him, it is about Syria.

In mid 2011, President Assad gave a speech at Damascus University imploring all Syrians to work for unity and Syria's future. Please note the significance of this: at Damascus U, not Parliament.

In terms of the western-funded (since at least a decade ago) so-called "opposition", this call for unity and peace fell on Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabi and $$$$-deafened ears.

Back to the present. Yes, the MSM is awash in unsubstantiated and propagandistic--scandalous--statements about the Syrian army and President Assad that may make some weakly want to declare that you are not supportive of President Assad, or to even make you cite some unsubstantiated rhetoric you read from Ken Roth or others from the HR war propagandizing industry.

Please, if you are confused or enticed by the well-funded and petro-dollar slick propaganda, note that American representatives and internal agencies are on the record (their own records) as supporting terrorists, wanting to overthrow the government in Syria, supporting, funding and arming the "moderate" terrorists in Syria, and that those "moderates" include child-beheading Nour el-Din el-Zenki, organ-eating FSA, and of course, al-Qaeda--al Nusra.

Syrians are fighting for their existence. When are those who are *confused* going to realize this? What if it were your home, your child, your heritage, your sovereign nation being torn apart by obscenely-funded terrorists, whitewashed by propagandists, and illegally- bombed by one of the 2 top terrorist nations (America and 'Israel')? What if 83 of your soldiers, your family members, were murdered while they themselves were fighting terrorists? There would not be the media silence of now. Truly, you would react differently, and you would defend those who are defending you.

Do not fall for the rhetoric about Assad, nor about Sunni vs. Shia/Christians/minorities. The reality it is about Syria and Syrians of all backgrounds defending their land against the worst terrorism this world has known.

Above, don't be duped by the lies about the Syrian army, who are of and from the people, who are living a most difficult and non-glamorous existence, who are paying the highest, the absolute highest, price--their lives--in defence of their country and its future.

*slightly updated.

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