Hands OFF Syria - A song by Marcel Cartier

In this video, Abby Martin presents a musical performance with hip hop artist Marcel Cartier, featuring his song 'Hands Off Syria' and the original track for Breaking the Set's season two intro. She interviews Marcel about the corporatization of hip hop and critiques of capitalism.



[Verse 1]
They always need a pretense, they need an excuse
But these re-runs are played out, a shame if you're fooled
How many times you gon' fall for the same old script?
Buy in to the war propaganda they print
It defies common sense, any logic at all
To think the Syrian state would at all be involved
In chemical attacks at the moment inspectors
Had entered the country, like they just that reckless
The red line was crossed? that was months ago
When the rebels used sarin gas, but that was okay though
I guess the beheadings and the burning of churches
Falls under "democracy", you fuckers are worthless
I'm ashamed of this country, there's nothing in common
With me and my government, the only bombing
That I will condone is against D.C
And you can bury this whole fuckin' system six feet deep

[Verse 2]
We need to have some basic lessons about revolution
'cause all I see right now is just sheer confusion
It isn't a synonym for any uprising
The leadership's decisive if we analyzing
The FSA is deeply, profoundly backwards
There's nothing progressive 'bout their vision or tactics
They tools of the west, tools of the sell-out
Real revolutionaries say "get the hell out!"
Syrian Civl War? That ain't correct
It's a proxy conflict in every respect
Syria's a beacon of independence
These devils in the west, they aspire to end it
And relegate it back to colonial days
But fuck going back to just being enslaved
If the U.S. drops bombs, let 'em face a loss
And I mean gruesome fuckin' death, we'll parade Uncle Sam's corpse

21 Sept, 2013

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