BBCNews trumpet of al-Qaeda in the West

BBCNews and ‎Paul Wood you’re a god-send trumpet for al-Qaeda in the West. Al-Qaeda would have had to pay millions to get the same positive publicity you are providing for it..

So...You have been working very hard, day and night to demonise the Syrian army and its government, but suddenly a cannibal turns up in your "rebel" ranks... The sheeple who have been sleeping with your lies and propaganda suddenly lifts its head and starts asking questions... You start screaming: 'May day, may day!.. What to do!?' Something must be done, the crowds shouldn't be waken up, they should go back to sleep with your comforting fibs and lullabies... So, to send the crowds back to sleep and diminish the slight sympathy that they may have felt towards the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian Government, you interview the heart/lung eating cannibal; write a long article to justify his crimes and crimes of his savage terrorist organisation Jabhat al-Nusra which is al-Qaeda in Syria; shoot a video of him and his empty/unproven/unchallenged justifications and distribute it to the media outlets around the world… Because, it is so easy and desirable to do that when the butchered, cannibalised soldier was fighting in the ranks of your "made up" enemy, the Syrian Arab Army. It is so easy and desirable to do that when the butchered, cannibalised soldier was Syrian who was fighting against your government’s criminal foreign policy / criminal agenda in his beloved country. Otherwise you wouldn't see yourself doing this in your wildest dreams, right?.

While it is so easy to do this when you are trying to advance/justify your government’s imperialist/Zionist agenda in Syria and in the region, I challenge you to do the same when your agenda is at stake. I challenge you to do the same when al-Qaeda cannibals butcher one of your own soldiers.. (American/British/Israeli etc)

Yes, I challenge you to do the same interview, capture and publish the full list of justifications given by the criminal. Make sure at no point you try to challenge or ask the criminal to prove his claims. Let alone challenging them, make sure you enhance them using your language skills gained at school, and top them up with lots of emotions, as you did here. Doing this will ensure the propaganda is much more effective, as you know too well..
Also to enhance and make it more effective, make sure you produce a video along with the article, to be distributed all over the world and watched by huge numbers of people. Though, you don’t have to work hard for distribution, because the bought&sold/Zionist media outlets around the world will get and broadcast whatever you produce, no questions asked... You are the lead dog of the herd, you know and do the “best”, after all..

So, well bloody done Paul Wood and the BBC. You now helped Al-Qaeda militants who are committing horrific crimes like this one immensely, and added so much justification (unchallenged) to the crime, I am sure not only al-Qaeda gained more sympathizers, but also many al-Qaeda sympathizers around the world decided to be more active and join the “justice fighting” organisation...

Keep on feeding and fattening the beast, it won’t be long before the beast turns around and start hunting your own people. Instead of the innocents though, I wish it would turn and hunt the real criminals like you... Al-Qaeda won’t get you, but Karma might. I believe, justice maybe slow, but always catches up with the criminals and serves.

~ Hands Off Syria ~

[This note is written in response to BBC/Paul Wood's article in the link below: ]